Nature’s Filigree #ThursdayTreeLove #Week

Filigree is a delicate, ornamental hand worked design, usually carved onto gold and silver. Silver, Gold, Bronze and other metallic threads are used to embroider a filigreed pattern on clothes as well. After walking around the beautiful Brindavan Gardens in Mysore , we took a small break for tea. Dusk was closing in and I… Read More Nature’s Filigree #ThursdayTreeLove #Week


My Words are my Treasure #WriteTribe #writebravely

A treasure is something precious. Or something cherished that you hold dear. A true treasure is also something that should be yours to keep, something that no one could take away from you. If I sweep a glance over the things I have that I may consider as treasures so far, I realise that everything… Read More My Words are my Treasure #WriteTribe #writebravely


3 Funny Habits You’re Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays #Week34

Habits! We all have them! Good ones, like brushing our teeth before bedtime. Bad ones, eating too many sweets, and funny ones. Knowing, or talking about, good and bad habits is so boring! Which is why our prompt for this fortnight is;   3 Funny Habits You’re Thankful For;   I read the ends of… Read More 3 Funny Habits You’re Thankful For #ThankfulThursdays #Week34


From Worry to a Wish #MayTivation #MondayMusings #QuotedStories

Worry is a feeling of anxiousness that takes over when you think of the problems in your life, either the current ones or the probable ones. We all worry. Our degrees of worry may wary, but we all do. Will my alarm ring on time tomorrow morning? Will the maid bunk again? How will I… Read More From Worry to a Wish #MayTivation #MondayMusings #QuotedStories


On Emotional Baggage #MayTivation #MondayMusings #QuotedStories

Have you seen a balloon? How it floats up above you, light and carefree. You need to hold it and pull it down, if you want it to be at the same level as you. Life, circumstances and people are much the same as this as well, the people who stand head and shoulders above… Read More On Emotional Baggage #MayTivation #MondayMusings #QuotedStories