#BookReview : Rasia – The Dance of Desire by Koral Dasgupta

Language: English Pages : 252 Genre : Fiction. Romance Available in: Kindle Edition and Paperback The Plot: Raj Shekhar Subramanian and Manasi are the perfect couple, in tandem with each other in all areas of life. Raj Shekar has big dreams and Manasi works towards making them come true. Dance is what brought them together… Read More #BookReview : Rasia – The Dance of Desire by Koral Dasgupta


Do you Abuse Yourself? #MayTivation #OpenNTalk #Week1

When you hear the word ‘abuse’ you mostly assume it is what is done to others or something that happens to others. Indulging in habits that are classified as ‘bad habits’, for example smoking, drinking, doing drugs or even eating non-vegetarian food or any food and drink in excess are classified as self-abuse. If you… Read More Do you Abuse Yourself? #MayTivation #OpenNTalk #Week1

#DIYHealth&Beauty, Food

Ragi Koozh : Recipe and Health Benefits

Ragi Koozh (pronounced ‘Cool’) is a savory drink, very popular in the Southern parts of India. Known as Farmer food, this is an ideal Summer breakfast as it is filling , keeps your stomach cool and keeps your energy levels high. Benefits of Ragi: Aids weight loss Cools your body Regulates Blood Sugar Levels Reduces… Read More Ragi Koozh : Recipe and Health Benefits


Of Expectations  #MayTivation

Expectations. We all have them from the people around us, just as they do. Family, friends, colleagues, staff. Various kinds of expectations. There are material expectations and there are emotional ones. Moral ones, physical ones, justified ones and unreal ones, the list is endless. I never believe people who say they have no expectations, as… Read More Of Expectations  #MayTivation