Why talking to my body is my most important conversation #BlogchatterHealthWatch

All humans talk. Some talk a little, others a lot. We have various conversations through the day. We talk to family, friends, colleagues, staff , even strangers. Some even talk to their pets and plants. How many of us talk to our body?                      Talk to our body? Is that even a thing? Our body supports us and carries us through …

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From Worriers to Warriors: Fighting Influenza : MomVsFlu #MyFriendAlexa

I am an Aunt to Twin Nieces. The joy they bring to our lives is priceless and I love watching them grow. When they started going to school last year our entire family was very excited. Buying them their uniforms, school bags and water bottles was an experience, as we enjoyed their firsts with them. Their first day of school …

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Are you a Frielth? #MyFriendAlexa

Have you heard of the word ‘Frielth’? Probably not! I hadn’t heard of it either, till I coined it. Yes, I’ve created this word, which is a combination of Friend + Health = Frielth Let me explain. As I have grown with friends I have realised that being a friend entails heart-to-heart talks, tiffs, pity parties, celebrating together, traveling together, and …

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#BookReview: Picky Eaters ? Guaranteed Hacks to make you happy – Dr Amrita Basu and Dr Abhijit Misra #BlogchatterEbook

Children are a joy, I’m sure every parent will agree to that. However, children also tend to test your patience, and I’m sure every parent will agree to that too. As they grow up children develop habits which could be a boon or a bane, depending on the habit. If your child is a picky eater, it is most definitely …

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