Book Review: Thirteen Kinds of Love by Soumya Bhattacharya

Genre: Fiction. Short Stories. Format: Paperback and E-book. Pages: 191 The Plot: An apartment block in the bustling city of Mumbai houses various families and each family has their own story. While a couple in one apartment is mulling over how to break the news of their impending divorce to their young son, a Widower in another apartment wonders if …

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The One and Only #WoWe Week 1

‘Chinki!’ ‘Gurkha!’ ‘Watchman!’ ‘Made in China!’ ‘Hakka Noodle!’ Ever since Tenzing had started college in a new city, post winning a full scholarship, in one of the most prestigious management institutions of India, these were the words he was welcomed with. Being addressed as thus hurt, but what never failed to secretly amuse him was that his fellow students saw …

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