Sons and Lovers #BarAThon

‘Shishir, don’t leave your wet towel on the bed!’ ‘Shishir, shut the windows of your room before you leave the house!’ ‘Shishir, finish all the food on your plate!’ ‘Shishir, learn to appreciate the varied tastes and flavours of food!’ ‘Shishir, don’t forget to take your keys!’ ‘Shishir, don’t leave your clothes on the floor!’… Read More Sons and Lovers #BarAThon

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Of Ice and Men #BarAThon

‘Another one, Darvin?’ asked the Chief Inspector and he looked down. ‘Chief!’ saluted his Deputy, ‘Yes, one more’ his gaze followed his superiors, towards the body sprawled on the grass. ‘Any evidence this time?’ the Chief circled the body. ‘None, Sir. Much like the last few times.’ replied the Deputy. ‘Hmmmm’ the Chief mopped his… Read More Of Ice and Men #BarAThon

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The Fault In the Stare #Barathon

‘These days we are not safe anywhere!’ exclaimed Sheetal, dumping her bag on the floor, her face scrunched up in anger. ‘What happened?’ asked Deepali, as she opened her lunch box and the aroma of Chicken Curry wafted out. ‘Arre, gussa thook de (spit out your anger) dekh Deepali has bought Chicken Curry!’ pointed out… Read More The Fault In the Stare #Barathon