The Miracle Face Pack
Recipe type: DIY
Prep time: 
Total time: 
Ingredients for the pack: 1 heaped tsp Aloe Vera Gel A generous pinch of Kasthuri Manjal ½ heaped Tsp of Milk Powder (I have used the ingredients without measuring them and the above is a rough estimate. Do try this equation till you find a suitable one)
  1. Mix all the ingredients well. If you’re using fresh Aloe Vera gel, you will need to run the ingredients in a blender to get a smooth paste. If using store bought / ready made gel, no blending is required. Just mix all ingredients together.
  2. The paste you get through any of the above methods will be slightly runny and NOT thick.
  3. Apply a film of this pack on your face and neck, in upward strokes. Smoothen it and let it dry. When dry, wash off with regular tap water.
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