Nature’s Filigree #ThursdayTreeLove #Week

Filigree is a delicate, ornamental hand worked design, usually carved onto gold and silver. Silver, Gold, Bronze and other metallic threads are used to embroider a filigreed pattern on clothes as well. After walking around the beautiful Brindavan Gardens in Mysore , we took a small break for tea. Dusk was closing in and I… Read More Nature’s Filigree #ThursdayTreeLove #Week


A garden, a stream and lots of trees #ThursdayTreeLove #Week10

Brindavan Gardens in Mysore is one of it’s major tourist attractions. And rightly so. The gardens are sprawled over a seemingly never-ending campus  are a sight to behold. Even though the upkeep is not upto the mark the gardens still enthral. This soothing sight was bang in the middle of it and we stood here… Read More A garden, a stream and lots of trees #ThursdayTreeLove #Week10


#ThursdayTreeLove #Week5

The trees are God’s great alphabet: With them He writes in shining green Across the world His thoughts serene. ~Leonora Speyer On a road adjacent to Lalbagh Gardens my Mobile Cam captures this canopy of trees shading us from the harsh afternoon sunlight. Linking up with Paruls weekly #ThursdayTreeLove

#QuotedStories, #ThursdayTreeLove

#QuotedStories with #ThursdayTree Love – Week 2

“There are no wrong turnings. Only paths we had not known we were meant to walk.” ― Guy Gavriel Kay Linking up with Parul for #ThursdayTreeLove and Upasna and Rohan for #QuotedStories A long time ago I undertook a professional Baking Course. It was an extensive course and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it. I… Read More #QuotedStories with #ThursdayTree Love – Week 2