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My Alter Ego and Me, in a tete-a-tete over a cup of tea

The world is such a wonderful place! Things are just as they seem! (Tee-hee. It’s the rose tinted glasses that show her what she sees!) People are honest They say what they mean (This statement is the best it is such a scream!) I’ve got true friends Who’ll be there for me (Did I mention the blinders that stop her …

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10 to 1 of Me!

You know what I’ve just realised? I’ve turned into a chor narcissist! Chor (thief) because I am busy chorofying blog topics from every blog I visit and narcissist because I’ve been choosing topics that require me to write about my favourite topic, ME!:))) As long as I am blogging everyday, as all is fair in love, war and blogging! Here goes my post for today, this …

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Pehchan Kaun!?!?

Is this1)Your neighbourhood paanwala, with an unusual affinity for jewelry and silks.2)A pehelwan at the akhada, with an unusual affinity for jewelry and silks.3)Britney Spears, having a ‘the-mirror-lied-to-me-*again*’day. Is this1)A freak of nature.2)A person with a rare illness, which causes strange growths to appear on the body. 3)Beyonce, having a bad hip day. Is this1)Pandu Havaldar.2)Your building security guard demanding …

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