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Ladies Special…well, almost!

Could someone direct me to where the audition for the role of the Rabbit in Alice in Wonderland is being held? I’m SJP and I can wear anything I want. Unfortunately, so can my husband. All those chocolate wrappers I hide under the mattress after my binges? I finally decided to put them to some… Read More Ladies Special…well, almost!

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Pehchan Kaun!?!?

Is this1)Your neighbourhood paanwala, with an unusual affinity for jewelry and silks.2)A pehelwan at the akhada, with an unusual affinity for jewelry and silks.3)Britney Spears, having a ‘the-mirror-lied-to-me-*again*’day. Is this1)A freak of nature.2)A person with a rare illness, which causes strange growths to appear on the body. 3)Beyonce, having a bad hip day. Is this1)Pandu… Read More Pehchan Kaun!?!?