Sons and Lovers #BarAThon

‘Shishir, don’t leave your wet towel on the bed!’ ‘Shishir, shut the windows of your room before you leave the house!’ ‘Shishir, finish all the food on your plate!’ ‘Shishir, learn to appreciate the varied tastes and flavours of food!’ ‘Shishir, don’t forget to take your keys!’ ‘Shishir, don’t leave your clothes on the floor!’… Read More Sons and Lovers #BarAThon

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Of Ice and Men #BarAThon

‘Another one, Darvin?’ asked the Chief Inspector and he looked down. ‘Chief!’ saluted his Deputy, ‘Yes, one more’ his gaze followed his superiors, towards the body sprawled on the grass. ‘Any evidence this time?’ the Chief circled the body. ‘None, Sir. Much like the last few times.’ replied the Deputy. ‘Hmmmm’ the Chief mopped his… Read More Of Ice and Men #BarAThon

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Day 7 – Promise

They promised to love each other.  They promised loyalty, respect and honor towards each other.  To watch each others back, in both good and bad.  They promised to stand by each other, in sickness and in health, till death do them part. She kept her promises.  Before she killed him, for not keeping his. Writing… Read More Day 7 – Promise

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Day 6 – Wishful thinking

Molly brushed her hair till it shone, applied another coat of mascara to her eyelashes, smacked her rouged lips together and kissed her reflection in the mirror. She looked good. The soft pink of the dress brought out the glow on her face. Her new heels made her look taller and slimmer. She had blown… Read More Day 6 – Wishful thinking

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Day 4 – Caught red-handed

Bibiji was fond of telling everyone that Bansi came as part of her trousseau and had lasted the longest while everything else from her trousseau had perished. She proudly pointed out to a framed photo, sitting among the many on the mantelpiece, taken on their Golden Jubilee celebrations 4 years ago, with she and her… Read More Day 4 – Caught red-handed

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Day 3 – Fragile Lives

What fragile lives they were born with, they bemoaned their fate yet again.People looked through them, and didn’t even realise how much that hurt.  Their souls scratched by every assault, and no one cared.  Cringing even if they heard a slightly raised sound, and sometimes shattering at it too.  They were rubbed up the wrong… Read More Day 3 – Fragile Lives

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Day 2 – What you don’t know

Mr Verma loved Mrs Verma and Mrs Verma loved Mr Verma.  Mr Verma surprised Mrs Verma with flowers. Mrs Verma surprised Mr Verma with his favorite perfume. Mr Verma planned his official trips so Mrs Verma could accompany him. Mrs Verma planned romantic, candle light dinners whenever she could. Mr Verma thought this was true… Read More Day 2 – What you don’t know