#AtoZ2017, AtoZChallenge

Looking back at a month of madness! #AtoZChallenge #Reflections

Writing is a very lonely exercise as it it just you, your thoughts and your words. Which is why an annual writing challenge like the A to Z is looked forward to by Bloggers from all over the world. The excitement of writing daily, barring Sundays, and that too alphabetically is a thrill! Ideas are thought… Read More Looking back at a month of madness! #AtoZChallenge #Reflections

#AtoZ2017, AtoZChallenge

Z is for …Zunka #AtoZChallenge

Zunka Zunka Bhakar is a popular food in Maharashtra. [ctt template=”8″ link=”6CuZp” via=”yes” ]Zunka started off as being labelled as ‘Poor Man’s Food’ or ‘Farmer Food’ and slowly gained prominence.[/ctt] If you Google Zunka you’ll see top Chef’s like Sanjeev Kapoor and Tarla Dalal’s recipes for it. It can also be found on the menu… Read More Z is for …Zunka #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZ2017, AtoZChallenge

Y is for… Yogurt Chutney #AtoZChallenge

Yogurt Chutney Yogurt Chutney is the literal translation of Perugu Pachadi a dish common and loved in Telugu households. It is the perfect accompaniment to Biryani’s, Rice, Khichdi’s or even our Punjabi Stuffed Parathas. Though it may look and seem like a Raita, this quick to rustle up side dish, isn’t one. For one, the… Read More Y is for… Yogurt Chutney #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZ2017, AtoZChallenge

W is for… Watermelon Salad and Broken Wheat Porridge #AtoZChallenge

Watermelon Salad AND Broken Wheat Porridge Do you have any idea how difficult it is to find food starting with ‘W’ ! You do? Well, pat yourself on the back then, as I definitely did not! When I began looking for food I like, from ‘W’, I drew a blank. Then as it always does,… Read More W is for… Watermelon Salad and Broken Wheat Porridge #AtoZChallenge

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U is for… Ukdiche Modak #AtoZChallenge

Ukdiche Modak [ctt template=”8″ link=”348Mv” via=”yes” ]No state in India celebrates the annual Ganpati Festival with as much festive fervour as Maharashtra does! [/ctt]The days leading up to the actual 11 days of everyone’s favorite God have all households bringing the Lord home busy. Cleaning up the house, decorating it, choosing a special place for… Read More U is for… Ukdiche Modak #AtoZChallenge


T is for… Thaalipeeth #AtoZChallenge

Thaalipeeth Growing up in Bombay meant enjoying a lot of Maharashtrian food, among many other cuisines. When I was a little girl, we had a cook called Gangubai who made us the most delicious Thaalipeeth, which is nothing but a super healthy, easy to make Roti. Thaalipeeth is a combination of 3 different Flours, Wheat… Read More T is for… Thaalipeeth #AtoZChallenge

#AtoZ2017, AtoZChallenge

S is for… Sattu ke Laddu #AtoZChallenge

Sattu Ke Laddu How many of you have heard of and tasted Sattu? Well, for those who haven’t, Sattu is nothing but roasted Bengal Gram Flour which is also known as Dalia. [ctt template=”5″ link=”7wdBk” via=”no” ]In my humble opinion Sattu is also the the most underrated flour in India, despite it being the most… Read More S is for… Sattu ke Laddu #AtoZChallenge