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26 Favorite Foods And A Little Bit Of Me : My 1st Ebook

Hello, People! My 1st Ebook is out! 26 Favorite Foods And A Little Bit Of Me , published courtesy Blogchatter There is no sincerer love than the love of food, said George Bernard Shaw and I couldn’t agree more! Food is a nourisher, food is a celebration and food is a memory that connects us to people and to our past. Everybody has a list of foods they love and so do I. Come along with me as I share my 26 […]

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Blogging, BlogChatter and my 1st Published Book #BlogchatterEbook

26 Favorite Foods-Sirimiri

I take on the baton of Blogchatter Ebook Carnival from Pratikshya whose Ebook Kolors Of Korea is also a part of the mix. About Pratikshya’s Ebook:- “Kolors Of Korea is a compilation of blog posts at Magic Moments and some Guest Posts in A PotPourri of Vestiges on Korean sitcoms and drama series. Though the Hallyu or the ‘korean wave’ has gripped people’s imagination internationally, it is popular in India only among the female young folk. Through the reviews of various […]

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The Blogchatter EBook Carnival: All that you wanted to know 

Blogchatter started the BlogchatterA2ZChallenge in 2017. I signed up for it along with hundreds of other Bloggers. As I reached the midpoint of the 26 posts, I began to ask myself if I should compile them to form an Ebook. Questions and doubts began to form in my mind, making the decision impossible. As a 1st time participant I guess those questions and doubts may be plaguing you too. Which is why I put together this post, to answer the […]

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First timer at the #AtoZChallenge ? This could help you!

As January of each year nears an end a frisson of excitement can be felt in Blogger air. For the question, ‘Are you doing the AtoZ?’ starts doing the rounds. Are we talking in a special blogger code you wonder? Not at all! We are talking of a Blogging Challenge awaited by most Bloggers around the world, known as the A to Z Challenge. So, what is the AtoZChallenge ? April is the month reserved for this challenge that starts […]

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I came across a quiz on facebook. The question asked was ‘What colour defines you’.  I took the quiz and the answer was ‘Red’ which happens to be my favourite colour.  But the question, ‘What colour defines you’ stayed in my mind, and inspired a blog post 🙂 Can one colour define you?Does one colour define you? I wouldn’t agree.Emotions and feelings within us are momentary and ever-changing and just as we keep evolving so does our choice of colour. […]

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The Husband Chronicles: #2

  I am not very sleep fond.   Afternoon naps make me feel puky, and holidays are meant for lazing around, reading, watching tv and films wagairah wagairah, anything except sleeping.   So when I first met The Husband, well, he wasn’t ‘The Husband’ yet, and he told me he dislikes sleeping excessively and naps only for an hour on Sundays, I was delighted and immediately added 100 brownie points to his rapidly increasing score card. What delighted me still […]

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