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Want to become Stronger Inside Out?

As we watch 6 months of this year roll by, we realize that little has changed on the outside. We are still locked in, and our movements and activities are still restricted. However, staying locked in has made me very ingenious. I have discovered new ways to build my immunity and strength from the inside out.

How to build strength and immunity in India

What’s on the inside shows on the outside. This is why strength and immunity are an inside job if you want to see and feel the results of both on the outside. Your kitchen and your home are where everything you need is accessible.

Thanks to the restrictions, we have developed such a taste for home-cooked food that the craving to order in food is down to nil. Fresh, home-cooked food is a great immunity builder as it has the vitamins and minerals to nourish your body.[1]

I need to work off the calories I consume so I go up and down the stairs, multiple times. When I started, a single round left me breathless and panting. My stamina has gone up since then and I can keep increasing my count and rounds effortlessly.

While everyone at home naps in the afternoons I brisk walk around the house with music plugged in and walking shoes on.


Not having house help means my house chores are when I stretch as I dust, work my hamstrings as I sweep and practise breathing as I go about the daily routine. This is not a substitute for my 1 hour of exercise daily, but it helps me.

I challenge myself every day and celebrate small victories.

Having a routine helps. Waking up and sleeping at the same time is a good idea. Your body understands when to slow down, when to shut down and when to awaken.

Carving out an hour or two of me-time for yourself is an important requirement. Use that ‘me time’ to do what you want, or not do anything at all. Remember, it’s your time!

I pull out the contents of my wardrobe and kitchen drawers every so often. Sorting things out helps me declutter and soothes my mind.  Donating what I don’t use anymore makes the receiver happy. I also have created more space this way, which also helps me to focus on my mental health. It is as important as physical health.

As we grow older we must tweak our food habits too. Adding more protein and fibre helps. And if you find that food isn’t giving you the required nourishment you should speak to your doctor about getting a supplement that would.

I spoke to my doctor who prescribed Ensure. Like many others, I had apprehensions about Ensure making me put on weight and getting me habituated to it. My doctor explained it all to me. I have been taking Ensure for a year now, and I was glad to find out that my apprehensions were just assumptions. Ensure has made me feel fitter. I realize I have more strength and energy and better stamina. I chose the Vanilla flavour and I look forward to my daily mugful of stamina and energy, it is that delicious and with it I can #EnsureStrongerInsideOut.

What are you doing to increase your stamina and energy? Have you tried Ensure?

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