Do You Hate Children? #NoKidNoCry #CauseAChatter

A couple of weeks ago YouTuber, Influencer, and Actress Prajakta Koli shared a Reel on her Instagram profile where she spoke about families taking their kids to restaurants. In it, she mentioned how letting kids running amok in restaurants is not ok. Her choice of words, ‘Yaar meri plate mein ghoor raha tha who baccha’ (That child was staring at my plate of food) could have been better but I saw nothing wrong with her sharing her view.

A lot of Mom Bloggers did not agree with her though and they united against Prajakta’s view. Some made reels in protest, many claimed to have unfollowed her even as they urged others to do the same. Others asked why she hated kids so much. Of course, the most common advice was ‘we’ll ask you this when you have kids of your own.’


I have lost count of the number of times I  have pulled back a toddler just in time before it either stepped on an escalator or was crushed between the closing doors of an elevator in Malls, even as their parents were either on the phone, eating, or shopping. Once or twice I have also led sobbing children to their parents who were unaware that their child was missing. While traveling I have had my hair pulled by an infant seated in the row behind me, and once food in the infant’s hands was plastered to my hair as he lunged to grab it.

Displaying any thought or reaction at such times is not allowed, more so because I don’t have children and I am not a mother. Because if I do so, I  find myself at the receiving end of this question, ‘Do You Hate Children?’.

I still cannot make sense of why anyone would think I hate children just because I chose not to have them. It’s just like assuming that all women are maternal and women who have children love their children and motherhood. None of the above statements are right. There are no rules and there are no musts.

If a mother shared her view towards another child or mother, no one will mind. However, if I do the same, the reaction won’t be so compassionate. ‘What does she know anything about children? She is not a Mother.’ is what I will get to hear, and hear.

So I choose to zip up.

I love children and all the children I have interacted with me love me back. I am very patient with them and love being part of children’s conversations. In fact, a few Mothers in the family have kept their kids away from me as their kids apparently asked them why they couldn’t be more like ‘Mayuri Aunty’.

I have just learned to keep a poker face when there is any discussion about kids around me, so no, that does not mean I hate children. Interestingly, Prajakta Koli has taken down her post.

This is my 3rd Post post for #CauseAChatter a campaign with Blogchatter. I chose #GenderTalks and will be writing a post a month on a topic close to my heart #ChildFree.

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