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Curiosity, Concern, or Cruelty? #NoKidNoCry

You may take any decision you wish to, but the 3 C’s of human nature will not let you be. What are the 3 C’s? I call Curiosity, Concern, and Cruelty the 3 C’s.

‘When will you have a child?’

‘Why don’t you have a child yet?

‘Aren’t you able to conceive?’

‘I know a very good IVF Clinic that gives 100 percent results.’

‘Arre, have a child while you can still run behind it.’

Are the kinds of questions and observations that I have learned to brush aside as they stem from simple human curiosity.


My Parents, siblings, and a few close friends were devastated when I shared my decision to choose to be Childfree. A lot of them told me that they had been waiting for me to embrace motherhood as they had a feeling I would be a great Mom. Having said that it was reassuring to hear from them that even though they did not agree with my decision they respected it, and me, enough to stand by my choice.

Then there were some ‘well-meaning’ relatives and friends who, after automatically assuming that there was a biological defect in me, nonchalantly suggested that I should just adopt someone from the family. A nephew here, a niece there. In fact, when my sister had her twin daughters, relatives had the gall to suggest that, ‘I should just take one’.

The experience of life has made me realize that a lot of people don’t put a thought before a word, but that doesn’t give them the excuse to be obnoxious. What is cruel is the assumption that I did not have a child because I couldn’t and the other one being I can just pick any random child and make it mine.

I understand that the concept of choosing not to have a child is still an alien concept in India but is it necessary to ridicule what you don’t understand? We may have made a decision to be Childfree but that has not made us emotion-free.

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