How 2020 gave me perfect vision #SpeakeasyWithRuchiNDips

As 2019 was readying itself to make its exit, I had my fingers crossed as I made a silent resolution that  2020 would be a turning point in my life.

The new year did not start on the note I hoped it would, but I told myself I have 11 more months to get it right. Then the Pandemic happened. March 2020 will be remembered as a month that put a giant full stop on the world.

We were all locked in. Housework had me exhausted, despondency had drained my spirits and with it the hope that I would use this year to do what I had hoped to. 

I was enjoying my pity party for 1 till I asked myself what if this Pandemic got worse? What if I never survived it? Did I want to live, for however long I had, with a bunch of regrets choking me? Then I made a Tarot Prediction, at which my conscience asked me how long was I willing to wait for the right time. A renewed determination to fulfil my resolution, no matter what, formed within.


When you are homebound, are not allowed to have any physical contact with the world outside, what is the best thing to do? Reacquaint yourself with you. Befriend yourself. That is what I did. Looking within I decided that constructive criticism towards self would be the only way to rebuild a new me. This empowering thought set me down a new path. I was forced to confront my drawbacks and also to appreciate the qualities I took for granted.

The most important lessons learnt in 2020 became my personal benchmarks too;

Keep your Immunity up!

There is physical immunity that will fight the virus, and then there is mental immunity. I stopped second-guessing myself and worked on upgrading my confidence, self-belief, polishing my values and convictions to a shine, thus keeping up my mental immunity.

Mask Up!

Wearing a mask has been a lesson 2020 taught me, in more ways than one. For someone who has always been transparent about her thoughts, feelings, actions and about taking a stand, I released that this habit is working against me. Ever since I started wearing a mask, by keeping my real feelings and thoughts to myself, life has taken a beautiful turn. I get a kick on how my Monalisa face keeps people guessing.


Sanitising surfaces touched by others eliminate germs. This led me to think of why don’t I sanitize my thoughts too. We talk to so many people, there are so many views and opinions exchanged. Why should we not wipe clean the germs of perspectives and judgements so that no infection of doubt sets in?

Wash your hands!

Wash your hands off all the problems that have no solutions. Wash your hands off all the people who aren’t serving any purpose in your life. Wash off the smudges of memories clinging to the crevices you did not notice or realise.

Maintain Social Distance!

I am more mindful of how much of myself, my time, energy, knowledge and effort I give to others. While I always strive to help as many people as I can, I have learnt when to stop, withdraw and say no. 

What happens when your vision has been clouded by a film of assumptions and perceptions? You right your sight by wearing spectacles of faith. 2020 has been my best year so far. I say Adieu 2020 with a grateful heart, even as I see the world, and myself, with new eyes.

I wish you a wonderful 2021 and hope it brings you all good things.

This Blogpost is part of the SpeakEasy Blogging Challenge by Dipika and Ruchi


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