4 reasons self-care is important for maintaining positive mental health


We all lead busy lives and crave more time for ourselves, but if you make simple, small changes to your daily routine and devote more hours to self-care, it could help to improve your happiness and well being. Start with your own needs first, learn to say no and devote time in your schedule for you. Here are four reasons why self-care is important for maintaining positive mental health.


  1. Eating a healthy diet

We have all heard the phrase, “You are what you eat”. Well, eating a balanced, healthy diet with lots of variety can make you feel better and help to keep you well. Try to eat a colourful rainbow combination of food and banish the beige from your plate. Eating the right food can give you more energy, make you feel less tired and help you to feel more positive.


2)Exercise for physical self-care

We all know exercise can reduce stress and anxiety and improve mental health and well being. So go for a walk at work, take the stairs instead of the lift, get off the bus a stop early. If you work full-time, try to do some exercise when you have finished. Getting outside can make you feel engaged with the world around you. Open your eyes and really look at your surroundings. Regular physical activity helps to release endorphins and makes you feel good. So dig out your trainers and go for a run. If you are feeling tired, exercise can really pick you up.


3) Mindfulness for spiritual self-care

If you have a busy mind, trying mindfulness or relaxation techniques can really help to improve mental well-being as well as help to improve your sleep. There are many good apps you can use. Writing a diary can also focus the mind and help you to relax. Switching off television or phone screens an hour before bed can also help you to wind down before going to sleep. Listen to music or take the time to sit down and read a good book. Don’t be afraid to take a mental health day or a sick day at work. Sometimes we all need to slow down and focus on our own self-care.


4)Beauty and Make-up

Looking good can make you feel better and boost confidence. Buy a new lipstick or have your hair done. Pampering yourself can boost your mental health and it can be as simple as indulging in a nice relaxing bubble bath or painting your nails. Cruelty-free beauty is becoming more popular – with a sizeable 36% of women only buying from brands that don’t test on animals. Many department stores also offer free makeovers. If you fancy a change of eye-shadow, or maybe a new foundation, go and see what the sales assistant recommends. Sometimes, as the saying goes, “A change is as good as a rest”.

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