The Christmas Present #WoWe Week 5


Christmas was almost here and she hadn’t even started preparing for it, Rebecca chided herself as she walked around the house with the hope of starting.

The house required a clean-up, the Christmas Decorations had to be aired and presents needed to be bought. As for the Christmas Cards, the thought got her misty-eyed.

Pappi’s beautiful writing on each of his hand painted cards. The anecdote he added to each, reminding the receiver of a precious memory.

Her grandfather had passed away last year, before they could celebrate Christmas together one last time, leaving behind a rich legacy of love, learning and memories.

She was thankful that she had grown up with a person who has lived his life right and thus earned the respect of many.

As she passed the Hat stand, Pappi’s neatly folded umbrella hanging there caught her eye and brought a lump to her throat.

‘Oh Paapi!’ sighed Rebecca

Rebecca took it down and walked to the porch with it. As she slid it open, the umbrella lit up.

‘Make small joys and precious memories an umbrella to screen you against the harshness of the world, Rebecca’, Paapi’s words came back to her. Her Christmas present.

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