Mumtaz Mahal’s Wedding Dress #WoWe Week 3


‘Mumtaz Mahal ke shaadi ke jode ka kapda khareed lo!

(Buy the cloth Mumtaz Mahal’s wedding dress was tailored from)

In a small corner of the market stood Mahmood, under a structure fashioned with bamboo sticks and tarpaulin.

Cloth from which Mumtaz Mahal’s wedding dress was tailored from?

Didn’t she pass away 100’s of years ago?

Did Mumtaz Mahal exist?

Arre, who made the Taj Mahal then? Your father?

How can cloth survive for so long?

The questions were shouted out, and answered, by, the burgeoning crowd as they craned their necks to look at the beautiful green fabric that shimmered in the afternoon sun. Mahmood held it high up, moved it this way and that, and the crowd moved their heads in sync with his movements.

This bastard is a liar!

He sold a Paan-Daan to me for a dear sum, telling me it was Aurangzeb’s. I was the laughing stock at my family gathering when one of my relatives pointed out the ‘Made in China’ inscription at the back.

Mahmood grinned at the old man as his eyes scanned the crowd. His ‘Boys’ were doing their job well, picking the pockets of the crowd that was cursing him.

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  1. Ha ha ha, dual income. Great take.

  2. That’s a fantastic take on the prompt! When I read the title, I thought it might take us back in time, but this was an even more enjoyable than I had expected!

  3. Mayuri Nidigallu Anagha Yatin

    Double whammy by the Delhi ka thug lok! Such light and entertaining take on the darker ways of life by some to earn livelihood.
    Fab on M.

  4. Now that was quite unexpected. I too was wondering about the origin of the cloth and then read the twist. Brilliant writing

  5. Hilarious this was. What a unique take on the prompt.

  6. Thats street smartness.. like the fancy dishes we eat in fancy restaurants! Good one Mayuri.

  7. Hahaha. I definitely did not see that coming. The build-up was superb. Quite an impressive take on the prompt, Mayuri. 🙂

  8. What a lovely story M, this took me to Agra ka bazaar where you find many such smart sellers. I am linking my post soon.

  9. Ouch, that’s so not fair yet so easily real. The guy cashed on people’s sentiments while making a neat double deal himself. Good take on the prompt!

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