The One and Only #WoWe Week 1





‘Made in China!’

‘Hakka Noodle!’

Ever since Tenzing had started college in a new city, post winning a full scholarship, in one of the most prestigious management institutions of India, these were the words he was welcomed with.

Being addressed as thus hurt, but what never failed to secretly amuse him was that his fellow students saw his typical features and assumed that he wasn’t even Indian. He resolved to make something of himself and bring recognition to his state in the North-East of India.

As if living away from family, and all alone, wasn’t bad enough, Tenzing was the student no one wanted to befriend.

With no friends to spend time with, Tenzing started spending after hours outside college. The ground behind his college reminded him of home, lush green and welcoming. Nature never judged him. Studies became his solace and he lost himself in his books. The first term results shocked everyone, including Tenzing. He had topped the class!

Sitting in his favourite place at the edge of the precipice, Tenzing smiled to himself, with a thought that he would no longer try to fit in, he would stand out and be proud of it!

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