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What is Slow Fashion?

Slow Fashion is a lifestyle choice. It requires one to be mindful and conscious while buying clothes and to slow down the pace of shopping. It is about reusing and recycling clothes rather than buying new ones.

Slow Fashion is also ethical, keeping in mind how the raw materials for the clothes were procured, the conditions for the labourers who wove the fabric or brought the outfit into being and how it all affects the environment.

Why am I talking about Slow Fashion?

Learning new things and updating ones knowledge is the only way to evolve.

When Chennai based designer Priyanjoli invited us to her boutique for an Open Studio, I was curious and looking forward to finding out more.

Priyanjoli with some of her Slow Fashion clothing

Ladies from varied age groups and walks of life met over Tea as Open Studio turned into an afternoon of learning about Slow Fashion, punctuated with personal stories by the ladies attending.

Priyanjoli’s aesthetic sense introduces you to her before you can meet her. From the inviting brick red staircase that leads the way inside, to interesting curios punctuating the stark white walls and shelves. What I particularly admired were the teal rafters and how stunning they made the ceiling look and the stunning hand painted wooden cupboard.

The Teal Rafters

A designer with a conscience she has always been, but Priyanjoli admits to it being heightened after her son was born. Creating and leaving behind a better world for her child, and the future generation is the thought that nudged her towards Slow Fashion.


As the women introduced ourselves and got to know each other, we upped our awareness of Slow Fashion.

Making Slow Fashion a part of life is not a difficult change to make. Use your clothes well, by re-wearing them as much as possible. Be mindful about the brands you buy from. How do they treat their labourers, what are the conditions they work in and are they paid enough? Support brands that are humane in all those aspects. Discourage the use of plastic for wrapping or packaging.

The Handpainted Cupboard

Priyanjoli sources her fabrics directly from weavers. She has also taught them to be tech savvy, so that they communicate with her via whatsapp, discussing designs, colors and the like. Change always starts with one, and I am glad to have learnt about Slow Fashion from Priyanjoli.

If you are in Chennai, drop in to her boutique, to pick up readymade pieces, Sarees or discuss and design a custom made outfit for yourself.

No 9, 11th Cross Street,

1st Floor, Indira Nagar,




Monday to Saturday 10:30 am to 7:00 pm

Sunday Closed

Shop online here and check out their Instagram page here

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