Why My Fridge Is Smiling This Summer

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I live in Chennai, where we have three seasons, hot, hotter and hottest. If you haven’t guessed it already, Summer is the hottest time of the year, and humidity is an accompaniment to the unbearable heat. Summer also means health and stomach infections, as food tends to go bad pretty fast.  Which is why, the hottest season of the year sees us trying to cut down our eating out trips and stick to home cooked food.

Cooking at home means spending more time in the kitchen, which is nothing short of a Sauna these days. Come Summer, I want to get more done even as I spend less time in the kitchen. To do that I need to do some smart prepping and storing.

 What is helping me this Summer?

I have started using the Fridge Makeover Set by Tupperware. This 16 piece Set has been a saviour this summer. It contains 4 Aquasafe Bottles of 1 Lit each, and containers of varied sizes to be used to store food in the Fridge and the Freezer.

How I use my Fridge Makeover Set by Tupperware

For Making Ice Cream!

What is my fool proof way of beating the heat? Making and eating lots of Ice-Cream! Yes, I make my own Ice-Cream and it’s Dairy free, Sugar-free and completely healthy. Check out the recipe here. Using the Tupperware Freezer Mate to freeze the fruits and set the ice cream showed me the difference between setting it in a regular plastic /steel container and Tupperware. No ice crystals when set in Tupperware.


Storing Paneer in the Chiller compartment of the fridge

More often than not, we use either half, or 3/4th of the packet of Paneer. The remaining used to be stored away in a steel or an airtight plastic container. Despite which it ended up hardened and yellowed and we used to bin it. Ever since I started using my Tupperware Cool ‘N’ Fresh container to store an open packet of Paneer, it stays fresh, for upto 4 whole days.


Storing fresh Green Peas to use all year around

November to March is when Fresh Green Peas are available in abundance in the markets, and at reasonable rates too. The rest of the year their availability and freshness dwindles and their prices shoot up. We have used store bought frozen peas in the past, with much reluctance. No more. I have bought Peas in bulk, shelled them and frozen them, in my Freezer Mate. I have a year’s supply of Green Peas at my disposal!  


Storing Grated Coconut

We use grated Coconut in our cooking every other day. From using it in to flavour and thicken gravies, to enhancing the taste of a fried vegetable dish. Storing grated Coconut in my Tupperware Freezer Mate ensures that I have fresh grated coconut at hand whenever I need it.

Store Chutneys and Raita in the Tropical Cup

These Tropical Cups may look small but they hold a lot! They are my favourites to store Raitas, Chutneys, Gravies and the like. The best part? No lingering odour after a good wash with lukewarm soapy water.


Cut Veggies as prep in Cool ‘N’ Fresh

My Husband carries his lunch with him. Which means we need to have it ready really early in the morning. Cutting veggies the night before makes cooking lunch a quick affair. True to its name, The Tupperware Cool N Fresh container keeps chopped vegetables fresh.


Water is my weapon to beat the heat this summer

I drink 3 litres of Water to beat the heat and I see to it that I drink at least 1 bottle of Water, to which I add Sabja Seeds (Basil Seeds) Drinking this water keeps me and  my stomach cool. The sturdy one litre Aquasafe bottle helps me keep a check on my water intake too, and it is leak proof.


Dough for Chappati

Anyone who kneads wheat flour dough at home knows that invariably some of it is left over. We have been storing our left over dough in steel containers so far. The condensation caused in the steel container leads to making the outside of the dough moist. Not when stored in a Tupperware container though. The dough stays fresh and moisture free.


We even store our Idli and Dosa Batter in the Cool N Fresh containers and it stays fresher for longer


My View:

The Tupperware Fridge Makeover Set is compact. These light weight  containers hold more and take up less space. They do not retain any odour, and keep the food fresh. Food and liquids do not leak out as the containers and bottles are airtight. I personally love the happy colours they come in. They are also almost no maintenance. I use a sponge and washing liquid, and lukewarm water,  to clean them and they look as good as new even after multiple uses.

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