W is for Whoa! #BlogchatterA2Z

Whoa – an expression used to express surprise, interest or alarm.

Chennai is a city like any other. Ever so often though it manages to make me go Whoa, with sights that are so typical of this metro.

The Sun rises over the city earlier here and the Sunrises and Sunsets are spectacular. Want to catch one?

Head to Napier Bridge. If you get there early in the morning (really early in the morning) you may even forget that you are in Chennai. Just practice breath control (thank you Yoga and Pranayams) as the Coovum River makes its presence felt with the terrible odour it emits.

Sunrise viewed from Napier Bridge

Stand by the white washed arches of this beautiful bridge and watch the sun slowly crawl out of its blanket of clouds. I assure you that it is a breath taking sight (and no , not because of the Coovum)


Come festival time and you’ll see giant cut outs of various Gods all lit up colourfully and adorning the streets, generally around temples or Pandals. Some are so massive that you need to walk the length of it to see, others so high that a crick in the neck is a possibility. The sight of these is so exciting to me, even after spotting them year in and year out.

God, all lit up.


The  ‘Drishti Bomma’ manages to startle me each time I see it. This frightening mask could be found outside Homes, Shops and Establishments. It is usually hung near the entrance, facing the gate, so it is the first thing you see when you enter the premises. To keep the evil eye away is the purpose of it.

Drishti Bomma

My friend introduced me to Eco Park in Chetpet. This wonderful Park has a great walking track with a big circumference (1.35 km) just the perfect place to practise for Marathons. The landscaping is gorgeous, with an artificial lake sitting pretty in the middle of the park. Since I walk in the evenings, ruby sunsets manage to take my breath away!

Ruby Sunsets in Eco Park

Then there are sights like these that defy gravity (those are plastic water containers called Thanni Kodam) and make me want to buy whatever the ingenious vendor is selling!


After all isn’t it the quirks that make one city stand out from the rest, and make you go whoa? Aren’t these what possibily endear a city to you?

All the pictures shared above are point and shoot pictures shot on my Mobile Cam. No framing and no filters.

Written for the theme

My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye


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  1. Those are some great vistas.

  2. Photography at its best today. The sight from the Napier Bridge could easily make the heart skip a beat. We often stereotype a city by its weather, crowd, traffic and opportunities. But when starts exploring it with a sense of belonging, the end effect is your posts of the A2Z challenge.

  3. Wow, such awesome pics, and clicks.
    sunrise, sunset, two-wheeler carrying the whole world with them you have captured them nicely.

  4. Mayuri Nidigallu Noor Anand Chawla

    I love your creativity for this title! As we progress with the alphabets, we’re all experimenting a lot more! One of the most beautiful sunrises I have been privileged to see was in Pondicherry, quite close to Chennai, no?!

  5. Enjoyed the visuals of sunset so beautiful. Drishti Bhooma I had seen but wasn’t aware not I am thanks to your post.

  6. Stunning sunrises!

    Visiting from A-Z
    AJ Blythe

  7. Looking at the title, I was wondering what is in store for me in this post. But after reading, you actually made me go wow! Love the sunset pictures.

  8. Some really nice coverage through pictures that make you go WHOA!
    #ContemplationOfaJoker #Jokerophilia

  9. Nice pics capturing the moods of Chennai!
    Thanni kodam thookuradhu not so easy ammani 🙂

  10. Such an amazing blog about whoa.The sunrise picture is amazing.I so want to watch this view once!

  11. Whoa!! Indeed 😀
    Such amazing and fascinating sights. The sunrise and sunsets are simply SPECTACULAR!! The Drishti Bomma are interesting and so are the colorful load of water containers!!

  12. Mayuri Nidigallu Priyanka Nair

    It is indeed a WHOA post Mayuri 🙂 loved the perfectly captured pictures.

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