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Unequivocal : Leaving no doubts

I had been married for barely 3 months when I attended my first wedding in Chennai. They always say that you remember a wedding by the food you had there.

This wedding surpassed all expectations I may have had. The menu was exhaustive, I counted 9 different cuisines before I gave up and walked away  with a plate of Jasmine Rice and Thai Green Curry.

As I was enjoying my food, I spotted a small crowd at the other end of the wedding hall. I didn’t give it much thought, till the crowd began swelling.

The number of people, at what looked like were crowding  around a table, increased at such a speed that my curiosity got the better of me, and leaving my meal half eaten I made my way towards the crowd. Needless to say I couldn’t get past the throng of people. However, waiting on the outskirts of the crowd I could see people breaking away from it, carrying their heaped plates with a smile on their faces. I still didn’t get it till I asked a passing waiter what was being served and the reply was, ‘Tayir Saadam’ (Curd Rice).

When the crowd thinned there sat a giant bowl of Tayir Saadam, which was only half full by now. Going back to my table I resumed eating my meal but I couldn’t tear my eyes away from that giant bowl. It was the only dish that was being replenished with clockwork regularity and emptied thus too.

Thayir- Sadam-Sirimiri-Chennai
Curd Rice

I was fascinated then and I am fascinated even now at the reverence shown towards Tayir Saadam or Thayir Sadam. No meal is complete without it. It is the full stop to a meal. Scientifically speaking, it is great for the stomach and digestion too. Since Curd is a probiotic eating it keeps your gut healthy. Thayir Sadam also keeps the body cool.

Thayir Sadam is one favourite and Filter Kaapi is another.

Kaapi here is serious business. Don’t even think of mentioning or serving Instant Coffee to Coffee purists! Only the real deal, made from coffee decoction and milk will do, served in a Davara ( A traditional steel glass and bowl set used for serving coffee) no less.  There are two types of Filter Kaapi drinkers. The ones who drink , ‘Pure Kaapi’ (coffee beans ground without any additions) or  those who prefer drinking the one ‘with Chicory ’(a plant added while grinding the coffee beans. It is known to give ‘body’ to the coffee) .

Filter Kaapi

So there you are, everything may come and go but Tayir Saadam and Filter Kaapi remain unequivocal favourites, forever.

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