The Blogchatter EBook Carnival: All that you wanted to know 

Blogchatter started the BlogchatterA2ZChallenge in 2017. I signed up for it along with hundreds of other Bloggers. As I reached the midpoint of the 26 posts, I began to ask myself if I should compile them to form an Ebook.

Questions and doubts began to form in my mind, making the decision impossible. As a 1st time participant I guess those questions and doubts may be plaguing you too. Which is why I put together this post, to answer the questions I had back then.


What is the Blogchatter EBook Carnival?

If you’ve signed up for the BlogchatterA2Z and are writing and sharing your posts every day, you should have 26 posts at the end of April. Blogchatter gives you a choice to compile those posts to form an Ebook. Signing up for the EBook Carnival is your chance to make the transition from Blogger to EBook author.

What are the benefits of publishing an Ebook?

You are a Published Ebook Author (yay!)

You could price it and sell it on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)

You could have it published in a Hard Copy Format and sell that too.

I am not Tech Savvy, how do I make the ebook?

The good news is, Blogchatter does most of it for you!

What you would need to submit to them is

  • All your posts in a word.doc and pdf format. Segregated Chapter wise.
  • A cover for your ebook (Canva could be used make it)
  • Photographs shared with every chapter tends to make your Ebook ‘heavier’ and slower to download, so add them at your discretion.

NOTE: Blogchatter also gives you a limited amount of free downloads for your EBook for a certain period of time. After which the book is solely yours, Copyright et al! The only condition they have is that you must review 3 Ebooks, (all part of the EBook Carnival) 1 picked by them and 2 picked by you.

How do I publicise an Ebook?

The benefits of being a self published EBook author is that you are the Boss, and the Marketing Head, of your book. Go all out to do so!

You could;

Publicise it on Social Media and your Blog.

Share it as part of a Giveaway

Ask fellow bloggers to help you out, as you return the favour.

Believe me, once you have that EBook ready, marketing creativity comes knocking too.

Should I go for an EBook? Who will read my Book?

These are the most asked questions and doubts .

To go for an EBook, or Not, should be YOUR decision.

These pointers should help you make the decision.

This is your chance to turn Author.

This book could be the tool to reach out to new people and new readers.

This book would be your personal keep sake.

A published EBook is always an inspiration and initiative to do even better.

I published my 1st Ebook with Blogchatter , via the Ebook Carnival, in 2017 and doing so was a seamless experience. However, I missed out on pricing it and selling it on Amazon, but I am all geared up to do so with my 2nd EBook this year.

Are you joining me?

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