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Raj Bhavan is the official residence of the Governor of Tamil Nadu, Honorable Shri Banwarilal Purohit.

Not too many know that Raj Bhavan conducts a Safari too. Yes, you read right, a Safari. Raj Bhavan has been conducting Safaris on its grounds since the 19th of April 2017. Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra are the only two states that conduct Safaris for the public, we were told.


We read an article about the Safari, in the newspaper The Hindu, and knew we had to go for it.

Duration of Safari:

1 hour, along with a Guide.

Fee for Safari:

Rs 30/- (Thirty/ Tees rupaye) per person. Yes, you are reading right. No, I haven’t missed out a zero or another digit.


Mode of Transport:

Electric Car / A giant Golf Cart. You will be walking around too. Not much though.

How you could register for the Safari

Log in to the Official Raj Bhavan website here

Register yourself. You will be asked for PAN /Aadhar Card details and your vehicle number, apart from your address and phone number.

Pay online or choose to pay cash.

After you’re done you will get an SMS of acknowledgement. Post which you will get another SMS and an Email of Approval.

You will also get a re-confirmation call on the day of the Safari. This is the time to tell them if you’ve changed your mind, as if you register and don’t turn up, your name, and all the details you shared will be put up on their site, in a ‘Defaulters List’ here

Some Facts about Raj Bhavan

The 156.14 Acre campus has

A Temple, a Church and a Mosque

A Printing Press

A Fire Station

A Post Office


The Campus partially runs on the Solar Power they generate

Raj Bhavan is also attached to Guindy National Park.

Flora and Fauna

1000 Spotted Deer

400 Black Bucks (what a beautiful sight they were!)

152 Species of Trees

7158 Trees in all, at last count (False Ashoka, Mango, Guava, Copper Pod, Cannon Ball, Tamarind, Palmyrah Palm, Pungam, Banyan are just some of the trees)




Jackals are the other animals here.


Man Power

350 Families (The Staff and the staff serving them) live on the campus

270 CRPF Personnel protect it

Carrying a Camera inside is not allowed as photography is prohibited, except while you feed the Deer (you need to buy a Rs 10/- token for that) .

You are allowed to carry your Mobile Phone.

Feeding the Deer

What you will see

The Governer’s Residence, from afar (clarifying as some optimistic souls asked if ‘they could go inside his house’)

The beautiful Darbar Hall, where the Swearing in ceremonies take place.

The Presidential Suites (where you’ll be allowed inside a bedroom meant for Official Aides)

The Oval Dining Hall (where foreign delegates have their meals)

A short drive inside Guindy National Park is included.

I enjoyed the experience of the Safari. Driving through the lanes greats in history and politics have traversed before me. Watching the Black Bucks galloping around and the Deer sunning themselves. Standing on the lawns where 2000 chosen and invited guests stand and salute the Indian Flag on 15th August and 26Th January every year.

The spacious campus is well maintained as are the buildings. Some of the buildings were built in 1672 (yes!), while the newer wings were added in 2008.

The Snacks

The Safari ends with Tea and Snacks laid out for you (a very pleasant surprise, considering the entrance fee) AND a laminated certificate of attendance, personalised with your name.

Perosonalised Certificate of Attendence

Written for the theme

My A to Z of Chennai: The City Viewed Through An Outsiders Eye


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  1. This is completely new to me. Had no idea that there could be a safari tour in the Raj Bhavan premises. This would be on my wishlist whenever I visit Chennai next.

  2. Mayuri Nidigallu Deepa

    How nice! I had no clue about this. This sounds very interesting. This must have been a fun experience to take a ride inside Raj bhawan. I am totally enjoying your Chennai stories.

  3. I have lived in Chennai for years and I don’t think you have lived for a very long time and you already seem to know a lot more about the city and seem to have visited more places! Black Bucks, Spotted Deer and Trees of different species, I definitely need to go on this safari. It has been years since I have taken a real holiday and enjoyed myself thoroughly. Your posts really make me ache to take a re-look at Chennai and not just always be thinking of the heat and humidity and the crowd..

    1. Jai, this is the best compliment I have received, for this series. Thank you so much!

  4. I was just guessing which one would you pick today. Ranganathan Street or this one. This place is more apt for oncoming summer holidays, as kids can really enjoy

  5. Wow! How amazing….a safari! A govt building with animals around!

  6. Wow! A safari at Raj Bhawan!! This is super awesome. And there is so much to know and see in and around the Governor’s residence!
    Defaulter list, snacks and certificate are very very interesting!

  7. Happy to come across your series. And I bet very few would have known about this Safari! Thanks for sharing the detailed post.

  8. Now, this I had never heard of! Hmmph. I was more of a mall-going, movie-watching, pondy-shopping IT girl back then, I guess 😛 You are a true Chennai-ite! 🙂

  9. That must’ve been some experience, M! Everything from natural beauty, animals and beautiful places which are normally closed to public to enjoy in a safari is quite innovative. I must find out about the Raj Bhacan safari in Maharashtra too now. You’re doing a brilliant job bringing out all these hidden gems on information. Hats off!

  10. Mayuri Nidigallu Noor Anand Chawla

    That’s a really offbeat experience to have in a city! I love the picture with the deer, how beautiful that must have felt 🙂

  11. Wow!! A personalized certificate of attendance. Great feat M.
    Raj Bhavan trip looks so royal to me, and I really want to try this one out. Love the idea of open buses great

  12. Arrey wah! The entire tour seems awesome however cherry on the cake is the certificate.

  13. Wow! Something very new to me. It must be a royal experience visiting the Governor’s house, regal dining halls, Presidential Suite and all. I love the concept of these open electric cars as this ride adds more fun to the entire trip. Another enjoyable post-Mayuri.

  14. The safari thing is so attractive with good sightseeing and a good idea to give snacks and certificate at the end.

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