N is for Nungambakkam & Night Life #BlogchatterA2Z

Nungambakkam. Nung-am-bak-kam. That is how it is pronounced. Quite a mouthful, yes?

You won’t forget how it is pronounced once you visit this hip and happening area of Chennai though. Nungambakkam is an upscale neighbourhood  and a popular tourist attraction of the city. It has KNK High Road, shortened from its original name Khadar Nawaz Khan Road, which has all the cool places to shop at or hang out at.

Shopping and dining on KNK

KNK is where you will find the choicest of Salons, Designer Stores, Ice-cream parlours and Restaurants. This stretch even had a Louis Vuitton store a while ago. Nungambakam  is also where you’ll find Alliance Francaise and the Max Mueller Bhavan . This area is also home to consulates and the Regional Passport office.

BUVA House, where exhibitions and sales are held.

BUVA House is another attraction on KNK High Road. This tastefully constructed bungalow is where the to-be-at exhibitions and sales are held. Weekends are when they happen and if you do visit say a silent prayer of thanks that Buva House has Valet parking.

Studio – The Slate, a resto pub, is the popular one right now on KNK. Hang out with friends over a drink, cheer for your team as you watch live screenings of sports and enjoy their exhaustive bar menu and starters as you do. Wonderful ambience, mood, music and food. And it is open for 12 hours straight, 12 pm to 12 am!

Chennai is a city that comes alive really early every morning. It is also a city which is beginning to stay awake late as it grooves to music and loves to have a good time as it does.

Pic Courtesy: Pixabay

Pasha – A night club, Blend and Leather Bar – both Lounge Bars, are the ones that have been around for a while.

INK 303 on KNK Road is the place to have a good time at, with music, food and dance. They start really early too, at 6 pm – on the Wednesday Ladies Night at least.

The Flying Elephant in Hyatt used to be THE place to be seen at, more so if you were interested in celebrity spotting.

Library Blu – The Leela Palace is one of the comparatively quieter places and perfect for a private party.

Pic Courtesy: Pixabay

When I was newly married and visited Chennai for the first time I had everyone ask me if ‘I had been to Zara?’ No, this Zara wasn’t the clothing brand but a famous pub in Chennai. I didn’t visit it though, until it rechristened itself from Zara to Sera. Copyright issues with the clothing brand, was the reason given. Well Zara become Sera, but everything else remained the same. Great food and Drinks, a Live band belting out foot tapping music and service with a smile.

Radio Room is popular with the youngsters as are their Cocktails and Appetisers.

There are so many more, than the ones I have mentioned. Like Sera even old timer Dublin, in Crowne Plaza underwent  a name change and is now known as Gatsby 2000.

Did you think Chennai was only about Temples, Churches and ancient monuments? You now know better, right?

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  1. I have had the shortest of visit here before moving on to the more popular places in the city for street shopping. So this felt like I was walking down a new place with some gorgeous pics. Chennai has never looked more beautiful.

  2. I seem to have missed out on a lot of nightlife in Chennai. The main reason is though I have lived for quite some time in Chennai I have never done a night-out. You have brought out the essence of Nungambakkam beautifully. Great images. I intend to revisit some of these places next time I am in Chennai which I don’t think is too far away. Great coverage of all the Chennai attractions.

  3. I have 1 friend from Chennai. She never told me about this place. She invites me to her city, so one day possibly I will visit the place I am gonna ask her to take me to this place Beautiful pictures and lovely post.:)

  4. Mayuri Nidigallu Deepa

    I actually had no idea about this side of Chennai. It’s something new for me and thanks to your posts we know so much now. On our first visit to Chennai many years ago for Passport work, we stayed in Nungambakkam. But was not aware of all the places you mentioned. Another good one M.

  5. Egads! I hardly know this new place! Once upon a time some 30-40 years ago, my dad tells me our family practically owned an entire street of bungalows there. Of course most of them were sold quite a few years ago and all we have are tales of past glory. Night life at Nungambakkam, hmm….didn’t have a clue since I haven’t visited in ages.

  6. Thanks for showing Chennaites another side of Chennai!! 🙂

  7. Mayuri Nidigallu Noor Anand Chawla

    I’m glad to know about the night life in Chennai. Whenever I come, hope to visit some places with you 🙂

  8. I have heard nugambakkam as their are many corporates, finally you showed me the wild life of chennai I mean Night life of chennai. Was infact waiting for it.

  9. Been in Chennai when I was very small, This seems to be a great time to enjoy nightlife after reading your post.

  10. Chennai has a night life!!! The names of the pubs and clubs are cool and interesting. Zara to Sera… what’s in a name, one may say, but it’s all in the name, in this case 😀

  11. Chennai looks not much different from Delhi! Another Chennai angle unveiled through your post:)

  12. And, I thought that only Mumbai and Delhi are famous for their nightlife. I am going to check out these happening places when I visit Chennai.

  13. Honestly, I never thought Chennai has a nightlife. This is a new revelation. Good one, Mayuri.

  14. That’s a cool post. Missing that kind of night life , after having kids am having a very different kind of nightlife

  15. This post was a surprise, M. I didn’t know that night life in Chennai was so happening too. Quite a few options to choose from here. Buva House looks like an elegant place. I will certainly look forward to walking down KNK Road and experiencing it all myself.

  16. You didnt leave out anything am sure 🙂 That was a detailed listing of Nungambakkam. Chennai has changed quite a lot in these last ten years.

  17. I like the name if this place, got a ring to it. Chennai’s night life, well I am surprised. I always assumed it to be on the conserve traditional sides. Thanks for breaking it for me M.

  18. Cool list… Looking fwd to remaining alphabets

  19. Thanks for capturing the real essence of Nungambakkam

  20. You have shared all the places one must visit Chennai during a visit, this is ready reference with all the must to-dos.

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