4  Reasons I found watching Kolamavu Kokila to be a Novel experience

I am a movie buff. Watching a well-made movie keeps me in a good mood for days. When it comes to movie watching, I don’t differentiate in language or genres as long as the movie is interesting and entertaining.

When I first heard about Kolamavu Kokila, I was intrigued. Doesn’t Kolamavu mean Rangoli Powder, I wondered? I confirmed it, and sure enough, it did mean what I thought it did. This piqued my curiosity.

Then came the poster, and made me even more curious. It had a drably dressed up, and serious looking, Nayantara standing with her family, framed in a sepia-hued picture. My mind started whirring, guessing what the story would be about. When I finally watched the film, I was blown away! Read on to find out why;


4  Reasons I found watching Kolamavu Kokila to be a Novel experience

Nayantara: I am a huge fan of Nayantara! She is an actor who has been consistently wowing us with impressive performances one after the other. Someone, who is not afraid of trying out new genres and excelling in them all. From playing a pious Sita in Sri Rama Rajyam to playing the demure lead with a hard as nails side to her, as Kokila. It is always a treat to see a heroine ruling the script and leading the film, and Nayantara does just that. You’ll stay slack-jawed and wide-eyed as she plays Kokila, who ploughs through the movie doing her thing, with complete nonchalance.

The Story: It’s dark. It’s funny, and it is definitely a thriller. Yes, there are accents of humour too, cleverly woven in. Even though there are times that you may have already guessed what would happen next, you are still at the edge of your seat, wondering what will happen next. This fast-paced drama is a pure entertainer.

The Music: The music is by composer Anirudh, who stays true to his style. Anirudh Ravichander is known for making sensational music, and that stands true with Kolamavu Kokila. A mixed bag of songs, one for every situation and mood. If Kalyaana Vayasu is light-hearted and funny, Edhuvariyo is serene. I found Kabiskabaa Coco – The Gibberish Song very annoying when I heard it first. Then it grew on me, and I couldn’t stop listening to it! Have you heard Gun-In-Kadhal? You must if you haven’t! I find this fast-paced track quite haunting. The well-shot video syncs well with the song’s music, making it a memorable number.

Yogi Babu: If you don’t know who Yogi Babu is, this is your chance to find out! You can’t have missed him in Chennai Express, as one of the goons and Deepika Padukone’s bodyguard. Well, that was just a little glimpse of him. He is a delight in Kolamavu Kokila, as his role has a facet more than just the comedy he is usually known for and adept at. There is a romantic angle too! Yogi Babu never fails to entertain, and he does that once more, with aplomb, in this film. His straight-faced one-liners are sure to crack you up!

Missed the film in theatres? Fret not! Watch it on ZEE5 in Tamil and dubbed as Co Co Kokila in Telugu.

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