Siblings are friends who can’t unfriend you #SiblingStories

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Thank you Priyal Poddar for introducing me in this Blog Train

When the 3 of us siblings fight, we fight savvy. Each of us in our respective rooms then, and now cities, furiously whatsapp away our ire, by texting it out. All this before we block each other of course. On whatsapp and all social media.

However, we’ve realized that Siblings are friends who can’t unfriend you. Click To Tweet No matter how much you try, or how much they try.

An invisible thread connects us siblings. No matter where we are or how caught up we may be in our lives, we are always in each other’s thoughts.


I enjoyed the privilege of being the first grandchild of the family, till my beautiful sister joined me. I guess we pestered our parents enough, with demands for ‘brother to tie a Rakhi on’, they obliged , and my brother joined us.

My brother, the baby of the family, is the gadget guru. My sister is the wise one, one whom we all go to for advice. Me, I bask in their glory and revel when they tease our parents about me being the favorite child.

We may have different ideologies, but we share the same zany sense of humor. We have inside jokes which only we get, sometimes even our parents look on helplessly as the three of us are doubled up with laughter over something mundane.

Despite being the eldest, I am bullied the most by both of them. I’ll also have you know that they both will vociferously disagree to this statement. The pet names both have bestowed upon me are the names of the largest species in the animal kingdom.


My sister and I don’t look alike at all, but sound just the same. I’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve played pranks, thanks to this. She even spoke to my mint new fiancee, pretending to be me, and he was none the wiser.

My brother and me look similar. He was in college when he grew his hair really long. One evening I was standing at the balcony when one of his friends drove by, calling out my brothers name and waving out to me! Yes, I was mistaken for him!

Like all siblings we agree, we disagree and have strong likes and dislikes. We may unite against one, but we stand united against the world.

I think having a sibling is a wonderful thing. Having a sibling means you have a friend who grows with you and stays with you for life. A friend you can’t unfriend.

Handing the Blog Train baton to Shweta Papaiyawala to take it forward.


19 thoughts on “Siblings are friends who can’t unfriend you #SiblingStories

  1. I loved the title! True, siblings are our blood yet the similarities that bind us reduce in front of the differences we realise over time. It is great to read about your lovely sibling bond, M. May it only grow!

  2. We may unite against one, but we stand united against the world. This is my favourite line. Lovely post Mayuri. I can relate to it as we are also 3 siblings and like all other siblings, have the same relationship.

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