How Mandira Bedi taught me to wear a Saree, and other positives of Social Media

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I think a Saree is a beautiful garment. Ask me to wear one though and it suddenly transforms into the most complicated 6 yards of cloth! Reason? I don’t know how to wear a saree right. Or at least I didn’t, till Mandira Bedi taught me.

Mandira Bedi taught me to wear a saree? Yes.

Do I know her? No.

Then how?

On YouTube !

On a quest to learn to drape a saree I surfed through multiple videos, where the women talked endlessly, before and during the saree draping tutorial, so much that I was distracted. Then I chanced upon Mandira Bedi’s video where this wonderful, inspiring woman got straight to the point and taught me to wear a saree right, with the camera poised at the right angles, and sharing little tips and tricks along the way.

And why did I want to wear a saree? After looking at all the gorgeous pictures of women flaunting their sarees all over Instagram, thanks to the #100SareePact .

‘Seeing you girls sharing pics on our Whatsapp group, I want to get Ganpati home too!’ exclaimed my friend last year.

She is a finance professional who migrated to Canada more than a decade ago. Between her husband and herself, they juggle their professional and personal life and bring up their child. Every minute of her day is accounted for, which is why when she shared this thought I was surprised.

I let it pass as just another statement, till she texted me that they are getting Bappa home this year.


Social Media gets more than its share of brickbats, but how many times do we pause to realise the benefits we are reaping through it? From business to relationships we have it all at the click of a button.

As someone living away from my family for 6 years now Social Media is my major, everyday connect to them. I have seen my Twin Nieces grow up through videos on Whatsapp. I know what Mom has cooked on a special occasion through Instagram.

Have you realised how festivals and traditions are being revived, a big thanks going out to Social Media for that as well, for is it not the pictures people share that make us want to do something similar, much like my friend who brought Bappa home this year.

When I got married, I didn’t know to cook. A major chunk of the cooking I now know I learnt through YouTube and Blogs.

It is my observation that we are taking an effort to dress up, for occasions or just to share our #OOTD pics (Outfit of The Day) I give full credit to social media for that, for if it wasn’t for sharing my pics, I just wouldn’t make the effort to dress up as well as I do.

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