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The Husband Chronicles #25


I unabashedly admit that I love Bollywood Gossip. Of course I love gossip about Hollywood, people in Sports, in Politics, and Tele serials as well.

I have a special affinity for Bollywood Gossip though.

When I got married to The Husband and tried to share tiny bits from my precious stash of gossip I was instantly reprimanded for doing so. ‘Why must you listen to and share all this rubbish? You don’t even though how much of this is true, if at all. Your credibility goes down when you do so. Just stop it’.

Suitably chastened I told myself The Husband was right, and I would stop. I did too, for a few days. Old habits die hard though, and I was back on track.

Reprimands by The Husband continued as did my interest in gossip. I rarely shared it with his holiness, The Husband, though.

As I mentioned earlier, old habits die hard and I was back to sharing with His Holiness.

Till one day, a few months ago I was in the kitchen and The Husband was in the living room having a long conversation on the phone in a serious tone, the contents of which were the gossip shared by me.



I am a Punjabi married to a Telugu. It was an arranged marriage. Yes, really.

And like it usually happens in an arranged marriage scenario, my husband and I started getting to know each other post marriage.

The Husband Chronicles first started as a facebook update on a boring Sunday afternoon and most people on my friends list enjoyed the 1st one, and the ones that followed, so much that they kept asking for more.

After the 5th Chronicle I realized that I enjoyed writing them too and began numbering them. From fb status updates they graduated to becoming blog posts.

The Husband feigns indifference and annoyance at being the protagonist of this series, but just between you and me he gets a big thrill at being written about.


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