#BookReview : Calling Sehmat by Harinder Singh Sikka

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Language: English

Pages : 256

Genre : A fictitious account of a real story. Spy Fiction

Available in: Kindle Edition and Paperback

The Plot:

A young girl is plucked out of college and asked to take over the mantle from her terminally ill father. That is when she realises that her affable father who ran a flourishing business was also a spy for his country, India.

His rapidly declining health leaves no time for another trusted person to take his place and the only person he can confidently recommend is his only child, Sehmat.

Since it is a crucial time for the country, Sehmat agrees to her dying father’s wishes. In a short span of time she is trained adequately and passes with flying colours. As per his wishes Sehmat is married across the border into the family of her father’s old friend, Brigadier Sayeed, to his son, Iqbal.

Little do the Pakistani family know that they have let an Indian spy into their midst.

As Sehmat’s warmth and innocence helps her blend into the family seamlessly, she begins assimilating valuable information and sending it to India.

No one suspects her, except an old family retainer Abdul, who keeps an eye on her and ultimately catches her.

Unfazed on the outside and terrified on the inside Sehmat does what she has to to ensure her safety, she kills Abdul. From a girl who couldn’t hurt a fly to a ruthless killer, this is the turning point for a Sehmat. Guilt riddles her and she cries her heart out in private. Till she has to kill again.

My Thoughts:

When a film is based on a book, I always prefer reading the book before I watch the film. This time however, I watched the film, Raazi, based on this book Calling Sehmat by Harinder Singh Sikka.

To say that I was disappointed by Raazi would be an understatement. After I saw it, I impatiently waited for the book to arrive and started reading it as soon as I could.

Thought the script of Raazi is in line with the book, Calling Sehmat is nothing like the film. Click To Tweet

A fast paced read, the book won’t let you put it down until you turn the last page. Well fleshed out characters and a plot that has adequate twists, turns and hold your breath moments. Despite having watched the film, the book had me hooked.

Harinder Singh Sikka’s writing is simple and heartfelt. This story is close to his heart and that feeling comes through in his words. His respect for Sehmat, the female spy, is evident all through the book.

Calling Sehmat is a tribute to all the unsung heroes who are working behind the scenes to keep our country and us safe. So many faceless and nameless warriors who give up all they have so that we can have it all.

*****5 stars to Calling Sehmat by Harinder Singh Sikka

My rating chart;

*Use it as a doorstop.
**Read it if you have nothing better to do.
***You may like it if you like this particular genre.
****Must read!
*****What! You haven’t read it YET?!

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