#BookReview: The Secret of the Red Crystals by Sujata Sharma

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Genre: Autobiography
Pages: 148
Available in: Paperback and Kindle Edition

The Plot:

A young student is enraptured by science and later biophysics.

As she delves deeper into research she comes across and leans about a protein called Lactoferrin – the growing red crystals of which hold amazing properties. This mystical protein fascinates her and she embarks on a journey to know more about it, ably guided by her professor and mentor, Professor T P Singh. Various others play key roles in her journey towards discovery, each helping her in their own ways.

Marriage, babies, responsibilities, failures and successes studded Sujata Sharma’s path as she ploughed ahead with her eye on the goal. Did her decade long hard work and research help her achieve her goal?

The Secret of the Red Crystals has the answer.

My Thoughts:

A book on science? How interesting could it be, was my thought as I began reading the brief synopsis of the book, till it had me intrigued.

Sujata Sharma does not need to introduce herself, her writing does it for her. Her passion for all that she does, her clarity of thought and her unwavering ambition and desire for learning and growth all come together through her book.

The Secret of the Red Crystals will inspire you, motivate you and lift you up. I’d like to believe that Sujata Sharmas positivity and energy is contagious and you cannot help but be touched by it as you read through this slim volume.

Sujata Sharma’s writing is simple, honest and straight from the heart. Her research and her story are inspiring.

Like me, you may not know much about science or the research mentioned but that will not stop you from reading through a book that will surely serve as a shot in the arm. 

About the Author:

Dr Sujata Sharma is a Professor in the Department of Biophysics at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. She has been deeply passionate about Molecular Medicine as well as women’s rights. Deeply involved in research and teaching, Sujata believes that unless we are not completely honest about our own flaws we cannot expects to be good role models for the youth.
The Department of Biotechnology awarded Dr Sujata Sharma the National Woman Bioscientist Award for her work on C-lobe of Lactoferrin.

****4 Stars to The Secret of the Red Crystals

My rating chart;
*Use it as a doorstop.

**Read it if you have nothing better to do.

***You will like it if you like this particular genre.

****Must read!

*****What! You haven’t read it YET?!

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