What does your price tag say? #MayTivation

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A price tag is a label indicating the price of an object for sale. A price tag is what we first glance at, either consciously or unconsciously, when we are out shopping. The numbers on a price tag are almost always indicative of our response to the object. The higher the price tag the more awe, and at times want, it incites in a buyer.

So what numbers does your price tag display?

A price tag for a human being? How stupid and unfair is that, is your thought right now, isn’t it?

Irrespective of whether we realise it or not, we all price ourselves and carry an invisible tag. Our self-esteem is what helps us calculate the price we put on ourselves. The price we put on ourselves gives people an idea of how they can treat us.

Yes, it is sad, but also the truth. The harsh truth.

When we feel we aren’t being treated right, aren’t being given the respect and the love we deserve it is almost always because we may have priced ourselves too low. It is we who feel we do not deserve to be applauded and revered, and those are the vibes we let out through our behaviour, talk and acceptance of unfairness.

So stop selling yourself short and giving everyone who gets to know you a discount. Take time to introspect and thus realise your true worth. Then price yourself accordingly. Take care not to calculate an exaggerated one either.

Watch the change of behaviour in people towards you then. Until you treat yourself as precious and elusive, no one else will. Until you learn and live out your worth, no one else will.

It is we who tell people what we are worth. Make sure your price tag is the right representation. Click To Tweet

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5 thoughts on “What does your price tag say? #MayTivation

  1. Self branding or marketing is something very common in our community – Blogger’s Zone. However, have seen and experienced many such over hyped or under rated tags as you mentioned.

    Self respect & esteem is most important…

  2. Along with not selling short we should also not sell long, if you know what I mean. Self-esteem is indeed very important but we shouldn’t overestimate ourselves and handicap our own achievements. Makes sense?

  3. That’s such an awesome way of putting it, Mayuri!
    How true…it’s how we look at ourselves that will decide how the world will look at us! I need to remember this post everyday!!

    Thank you so much!

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