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Of Marriage, Love and everything in between

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Of Marriage, Love & Everything in Between

That very last piece of chocolate you save.

That glance across a crowded room that speaks only to you.

That exasperated eye rolling, that questioning quirk of an eyebrow, that lopsided smile that signals special secrets.

The waiting as she can’t decide between 15 shades of Red, and as he makes up his mind about the shoes he wants to buy.

The driving out at midnight for a tub of ice cream, or scanning the aisles for a specific sun cream.

Searching eyes scanning arrivals and the smile that lights them up when you spot them.

Tapping your foot as you wait outside theatres and trial rooms.

The puking over the toilet bowl and holding up sweaty hair.

The waiting up all night to see the temperature on a fevered brow come down. Pretending you’re full, when you see them enjoying the dish more.

Not switching channels during a sports tournament or listening to a sappy song playing on the radio.

Long walks. Pillow talk. Impatient sighs. White lies.

Bad food, bad decisions, bad timing and the good that sometimes comes out of it.

That last slice of hope, which never runs out.

The shoulder which props them up when they are sinking and there for you when you need a good cry.

That tiny flicker of hope that bravely attempts to light up dark days.

The dark days that leave you with wisdom that brightens your future.

Unsaid words, buried feelings, the apology that never came or the understanding that came too late.

Heart-wrenching sobs. Gurgles of laughter bubbling forth.

Endless conversations. Companionable silence.

Joy. Remorse. Despair. Elation.

Patience. Tolerance. Persistence.

Giving. Forgiving.

Marriage is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, when you have no idea what the big picture would look like.

And Love?

Is what seeps in between the crevices of the pieces, gluing them all together.

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