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Sagoon away with this new Social Networking App #Review

Whether we accept it or not, Social Networking has us in its grip. At any given time we have or use at least half a dozen Apps on our phones. Apps make our life easier, from ordering our groceries sitting at home, shopping online, ordering a cab or staying in touch with friends.


Sagoon is a Social Networking App that joins the fray. One more app, you wonder? Yes, but a delightfully different one. Sagoon has unique features that make it different from other apps. Sagoon is all about YOU, even as it enables you to stay in touch with people who are part of of your world and part of Sagoon.

So, what are the features that make using Sagoon fun? Read on to find out.


My Day:

This is your virtual personal planner to help you get and stay organised. Create your to-do list, mark out events for the day and the ones you’ll be attending or are interested in. Schedule appointments and reminders. Plan events together with friends and family on the app. You could even send reminders to people on your list!


Mood Talk:

To help make the ‘real-time expression of your mood possible’. Share and express your current frame of mind and your mood while you chat with your loved ones. Let them know how you’re feeling. Chat with others in the same mood. You chat only has a 24 hour life, after which it vanishes. So express away with complete freedom!


Share Secrets:

Don’t secrets make everyone curious about them? Sagoon has an Open Secret option which helps you share yours even as you get to know those of others. Classified into categories like Business, Confessions, Entertainment, Politics, Relationships and Sports. Maybe your secret could help someone and someone disclosing theirs might change something for you?

So now that you know all about Sagoon aren’t you curious enough to download it and see it for yourself?

Download it for free from here , from the GooglePlayStore or from the Playstore of your Android Phone.

Have fun as you Sagoon away!

Disclaimer: This is a Sponsored Post, however all views shared here are my own.

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