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Most of us are the epitome of good manners when we speak in public. We take care to choose the right words, the right tone, the right pronunciations even the right pauses. We are careful about framing our thoughts and sentences as best as we can.

We do this because as humans we have the need to make a positive impression on the people we meet so that we are remembered well. We do this because we need to be liked by people.

Consciously or unconsciously all through our waking hours we have conversations with ourselves. How many of us however are aware that these conversations matter far more to us than the conversations that we may have with others? How many of us realize that we should be the kindest and most polite when we talk to ourselves?

If you are unkind when you speak to yourself, you are harming yourself. When you berate yourself, using harsh words and negative thoughts, you bruise your spirit. When you put yourself down constantly you bruise your self-esteem. When being harsh to yourself becomes a habit, the bruise turns into a wound. If not attended to, the wound festers, hurting you in the form of resentment.

And when you are not truly happy, from the inside out, when your actions don’t match your thought and words you are not only fooling others, you are fooling yourself the most.

People come and people go. Situations and circumstances, no matter how good or bad, change. Your spirit is your only constant companion through your life. Don’t let your unkind words make it wilt. Click To Tweet

It is your job to nurture it. To feed it right, with kind words and positive thoughts and affirmations. To keep it shining and blossoming. Only when you do that will it return the favor.

This is called self love.

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  1. We spend so much time doing our best work on the outside – working on our bodies, careers, relationships, finances and goals. It’s just as important to spend time doing work on the inside – developing deep and lasting self-love, acceptance and compassion. The more we can make ourselves feel whole and worthy as individuals, the more we have to give to the world. Nice Post.

  2. Self Love is not selfish. You can’t truly love another until you know how to love yourself. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful post.

  3. Believe me Mayuri, right since the age I remember, I talk to myself with lots of love and have been using the positive words. Probably because I can not be unhappy for long. But it has helped me tide over most of the chasms! And now I know the term for it, “Self Love”. Yes, I love my nuttier self!

  4. What a lovely post Mayuri! I need to work on the self love part too!
    Thanks for linking up with #whatilove!

  5. Such a powerful thought! I totally agree that our spirit is the only constant and we need to ensure that we should be kind and positive towards ourselves.

  6. good article and great points. gotta agree with you – we need to stop being unkind/hardsh/judgemental towards ourselves!

  7. Self esteem needs nurturing form within and that comes when we are at a happy place!

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