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Advice I’d Like To Give A Newbie  #ChatterPrompts

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Hello there, Newbie Blogger!

So, there you are, just having started Blogging, all armed with a brand new blog and ideas, raring to go! I am guessing you are writing away every day, if not every other day. Doing up your blog, changing themes and fonts, et al!

How do I know, you ask? Haven’t I been a newbie to blogging too? Of course I was, when I started blogging way back in 2004! Yes, all those years ago!

So what do the experiences garnered in all these years qualify me for? In a good place to share a bit of advice, I’d say. Just some friendly talk, arm over your shoulder, sharing a chai and conversation, with you and Blogchatter.

There are so many things I’ve learnt over the years I’ve been blogging and there is so much I’d like to share but the one important thing I would insist upon is find your writing voice. A writing voice is an author’s signature, the style that makes your writing unique. Click To TweetYour writing voice is your attitude and personality which introduces YOU to the world. Your writing voice should be unique to you. So that people can identify it whenever they read it.

If you’re a consistent and hard-working blogger you may reach great heights, and that is when you’ll realise how important a writing voice is. People can emulate your ideas and your posts, but if you have cultivated a writing voice they will never be able to copy that. Your writing voice is what will distinguish you from the rest.

Start writing, let the words flow. Let them tumble over each other as they do. Keep writing, until you find a writing style that you are comfortable with. A writing style that brings out the best in you, no matter what topic you may be writing on. Make that your signature style, your writing voice. Stick to that.

May the Muse always be kind and may you achieve all your blogging goals. Go, write!


Written as part of #ChatterPrompts for Blogchatter

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