My Five Wishes for 2018 #Blogadda #WOW



M shines bright , 2018 onwards ;-D

Happy 2018 to you!

There is something special about the start of a brand New Year, isn’t it! The feeling of starting on a clean slate is so exciting!

This year though I consciously skipped making New Year resolutions, as I have rarely followed them through and have been plagued by guilt when I don’t.

I made wishes instead. Out of which here I am, picking out my Five wishes to share with you via this lovely WoW Prompt by Blogadda.

Rebuild Myself: The past few years have made me realise that opinions, suggestions, advice, views and the like, both asked and unasked for, have shaped me into becoming a person I don’t recognise or particularly like. A simple thing like reading my old blogpost’s made me realise that. I have lost that insouciant trait that was so me and have become extremely conscious of what I say, do and even think and feel. Not enjoying it all all. Which is why I wish 2018 will be the start to breakdown what I don’t like and put the pieces back together differently.

Count my Blessings: 2017 brought to the fore that I have a lot more than I realise, and no not just materialistically or financially. Last year shone the light on treasures I had pushed away to the dark recesses of ignorance or memory. You can only see the stars when the sky is darkest and 2017 was that dark sky that helped me see my blessings twinkling away as I began finding them.


Putting myself on a Pedestal: I am the most important person in my life. My state of being affects those around me. The last few years have seen me taking my health and body for granted and not treating either well. In return my health and body decided to do the same to me. The payback wasn’t sweet at all. It was traumatic. But a wake-up call none the less. So now my well-being comes first. Everything else follows suit.

Walk the Talk: Enough of ‘I want to do’ ‘I plan to do’ or ‘I hope to do’. A lot of ‘could’ and ‘should’ have led me to a definite ‘must’. This year will be a year of saying, ‘I did it.’ Period.

Living in the Moment: What will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month? How will people I love react to what I say or do? What will people think? I used the mop of wisdom to sweep these useless queries away. I wish to live in the moment, react in it and to it. Be spontaneous, be impulsive, be myself, like I used to be.

These are my wishes for 2018. Have you made yours yet? Here’s hoping 2018 sees all our wishes coming true!


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