My Word of the Year 2018 #WOTY

My Word of the Year for 2017 was Begin.

2016 was about Unlearning, so it was only apt that 2017 was the year I begun again. When you’re open to learning, the whole world becomes your classroom. Click To TweetThus began my learning and thus I began anew.

The result, an eventful 2017! The lost writing mojo that I had found again back in 2015 was honed and polished and my thoughts that spilled into words left me chuffed. 2017 was also when, as a Blogger, I began collaborating with some prestigious brands and thoroughly enjoyed myself as I attended events, met new people and later brainstormed to write blog posts. 2017 was also the beginning of many changes, some really momentous ones while others that left me questioning if they were really needed.

As I sat to write this post I wondered what my Word for 2018 should be. I asked myself what is the one thing I really wanted, the one thing I was looking forward to in 2018. I thought about what I wanted to do and what I dreamt of achieving.

I drew a blank.

Yes, nothing came to mind. Not a single word that would show 2018 the way.

Which is when I thought why not break down walls, push boundaries and push the envelope. Why not make 2018 the year I test myself, test my abilities and in doing so, test my patience levels as well? Why not let 2018 be the year I surprise myself when I do?

Which is why my Word for 2018 is Surprise


With 2018 I hope to surprise myself. Surprise myself on all fronts, be it personal or professional. I hope to dust off the shelves of former thoughts, ideas and implementations and see what the new tide of 2018 brings in.

I have 365 brand new days to find out.

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