Use a Setback to set things right #MayTivation

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Whether we like it or not, whether we work towards causing it or not, at some point of time we have all faced a setback in our lives.

A setback could be professional or personal. A blow to the business or a blow on the personal front. A loss of money or a loss of a loved one. Whenever we may have faced it and in whatever form we may have faced it, a setback is never welcome and always dreaded.

However, why think of a setback negatively? Why not think of it instead as an opportunity to set things right?

Is that even possible, you wonder?

Have you realised that when you face a setback you gain clarity. The layers of ignorance and self-denial that we wrap ourselves in, assuming that they cocoon us and keep us safe are stripped off and you are forced to see things for what they are. More importantly, you see yourself for what you are. The clarity that a setback can help bestow could guide you to inspect and evaluate every facet of your personality.

A setback also brings to the fore the real people standing with you and rooting for you. Be it family, friends, colleagues and others. You discover who is in your team and whose words don’t match their actions.

Treat a setback period as a break. Use a setback as an opportunity to be brutally honest with yourself. Use the wisdom gleaned from it to discard what had held you back and caused you to make mistakes and retain and hone what has worked for you. Use this experience to rebuild yourself. Afresh. Anew.

The wheels of time never stop turning. Nothing lasts forever and everything changes. Remember, whenever you hit rock bottom the only way is up.

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