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Movie Review: Qarib Qarib Singlle

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 The Plot:

A 30 something widow. A 40 year old single man. One talks too little while the other just can’t stop. One puts up walls while the other believes in making a doorway through them. One is inhibited while the other one is an exhibitionist. Chalk and cheese.

Both meet on a dating site.

The man boasts of his past girlfriends who have still not gotten over him. The woman is amused, then interested in his stories and wants to know more. They agree to travel, together but separately, to meet 3 of girlfriends settled in Hrishikesh, Jaipur and Gangtok.

Thus starts a series of events. Where the audience gets to know them, even as they get to know each other and in the process know themselves.

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My Thoughts:

A refreshing story. Great screenplay. Taut direction. Add the dynamic talent of Irrffan Khan and new to Bollywood, Malayalam actress, Parvathy in lead roles and you have one hell of a package on hand.

Crackling chemistry between the two lead actors, aided by smooth performances by both and your eyes are glued to the screen wanting to know what will happen next.

Parvathy as Jaya endears you to her from the first frame. Irrfan as Yogi, exasperates you, amuses you, entertains you before he charms you. The awkwardness of people in the 30 plus age bracket trying out a dating site is put across excellently. Picturesque locations and cameos that are pleasant surprises add to the charm of the film.

It is great to see Director Tanuja Chandra back, and with a bang.

This movie is a Qarib Qarib Hit for me and the only thing stopping it from being a full-fledged hit is that I would call it a class film and not a mass film. 

Qarib Qarib Singlle gets 4 Stars from me.

*M’s Rating Chart:

* I want my money back + a fully booked and paid 3 month trip to _________(please fill in a destination of choice)

** I don’t want my money back even though I didn’t like the movie, but director/producer may please pay for my popcorn/samosa/parking.

*** Time and money both well spent!

**** Loved it!

***** Whistle, clap, even smile at irritating neighbor-who-kept-talking-on-cell phone, and extol virtues of the movie.

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