Be your own Cheerleader! #MayTivation

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MayTivation - Cheerleader - Sirimiri

Cheerleader: An enthusiastic and vocal supporter of someone or something.

This is what a cheerleader is, as defined by Wikipedia.

You know the times you feel low, and probably even down and out. Or the times you are second guessing yourself at every step. The times that it seems the world is against you and everything you do? Those are the times you need to be your own cheerleader.

But cheerleading is what others do for you, right? Right. Says who that you can’t be your own cheerleader?

Who knows you better than you? Who knows what you are capable of achieving. Who holds the compass to your inner right and wrong?

I am hoping the answer to all these would be YOU. If the answer is indeed YOU then yes, you can, and you must, be your own cheerleader.

Unleash your inner energy and channel it in the right direction, by pepping yourself up and cheering yourself on as you put yourself on the path of your dreams.

If you aren’t feeling too good about yourself at any given moment, go back to the past and pick out some of the best times of your life. Use those positive memories and past achievements to fuel new thoughts.

Be kind, when you talk to yourself. Be compassionate, when you deal with your mistakes. Be forgiving, when you are faced with regrets.

Love yourself and realise your true worth. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off the disappointments and start again.

We all mess up at some point of our lives. However, we can always wipe the slate clean and start again. Take stock of your life, shrug off what is not working for you anymore. Embrace what is.

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Do it. Write a great story.

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