My Dear October : A Recap


My dear October,

Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve been so crazy busy that I forgot to write this post? Yes, forgot about it completely! Which is why it is late going live on the blog.

It’s up now though, and you’re reading it, so I did good, yeah? ;-D

October, what a fabulous month you’ve been, even though you kept me spinning like a top, from one task to another. Expected too, as it was the festive season, what with Karwa Chauth and Diwali, the two biggies just 10 days apart.

Every Karwa Chauth the Moon makes us ladies wait patiently before he makes an appearance. This year though, it did not appear at all! Could you imagine the plight of us ladies, hungry AND thirsty all day and fretting as the clock passed 10 pm with no sign of the Moon. Technology came to the rescue and someone spotted the Moon in Lucknow and facetimed us live. And we did our Puja to the live image on a mobile and broke our fast. So who is dissing technology? Well, not me!

I was pretty proud of myself to have completed the Write Tribe Pro Blogger Challenge throughout this mad month. I hadn’t scheduled posts, but managed to not only write and post but also read and share my sub group members post. The result, a fantastic Alexa Ranking yet again.

If there is one thing that the Alexa Campaign has done is, that it has reiterated my belief in what my parents taught me. They always said and followed by example,

‘You need to give before you can get.’ Click To Tweet

It’s true of life, and Alexa as the more you read others blogs the better your ranking.

I have always been on the fence where Feminism is considered. While I believe in the cause, the people I personally know, who claim to be Feminists have always left me questioning.

I mean, they will weep and fight for Hillary Clinton, but feign ignorance when it comes to helping a fellow woman. They will fight for Kangana Ranaut but rarely stand up for their fellow women. Hillary and Kangana have support universally, it’s the women in your everyday lives you should look out for, no? Food for thought? I can see a blog post forming in my head already! Watch this space.

My November is packed with….hey, not telling! Shall surprise you with all the details in the post next month.

Thank you, October.

Thankful. Grateful. Blessed.


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