It is only between You and The Universe #MayTivation #WriteBravely

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Do you occasionally find yourself still waiting for an apology that never came? Or waiting for an old hurt to heal? Perhaps a long forgotten wish that you thought you had buried deep inside, which refuses to stay there and nudges the recesses of your mind every once in a while?

Or perhaps there is something you want to say to someone who is no longer part of your life, or possibly even no longer part of the living world. A confession, an apology or a feeling that you wish you had expressed in words?

When you want to convey something but cannot, for reasons best known to you. What do you do when faced with such a dilemma?

You release all that you are holding in your heart to the Universe.

No matter how deeply or infrequently you may be connected to the it, the Universe is always connected to you. It syncs itself to your thoughts, your words, your feelings, your actions and your wishes.

The Universe also changes shape and form, sometimes it is like your best friend at other times a stern teacher while at still others it is like your parent or a favourite Aunt/Uncle.

The Universe imbibes all your unsaid thoughts and wishes and sends you healing, love and forgiveness in return.

Communicate with The Universe and share your unexpressed thoughts, feelings and wishes with it. And free yourself from the burden of carrying them around.

You donโ€™t need to share them with anyone, you donโ€™t need anyone to know, for it is only between You and The Universe.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

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18 thoughts on “It is only between You and The Universe #MayTivation #WriteBravely

  1. This is Lovely Mayuri. These days while I go on my morning walk, I sit on a bench and communicate with the universe..thanking it for everything and taking Oxygen in return. Yes you are right. And then I need no one to listen except the nature.

  2. Lovely post. And timely. There’s a lot going through my head this year and try as I might, I haven’t found the right outlet for it… I still am not entirely sure what you mean by ‘releasing it into the universe’ but I know I have to let go.

  3. I think we all need to let go of many things in our life. There is no point clinging to past or thinking about people/things which are no longer with us. Good one.

  4. I have tried it with deep concentration, repeated try and for LONG YEARS but it did not work.
    But i know lots of people who are very well connected with the Universe.
    So i am still trying to find out the reason for my dis-connectivity.
    Very nice piece of writing.

  5. Your posts often begin in a way as if they are speaking to ME! The first paragraphs are all mine..my story..also the last one. I converse with the Universe every night, before going to bed. I actually stand in my balcony and look up at the sky and say everything I wish to. Even during the day, when certain thoughts are going on in my mind, making me restless, I send a message out into the Universe to help me, and it does!
    Love your Maytivation Posts, Mayuri!

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