Boys to Men #FridayFotoFiction


‘It took me a long while to do this.’

‘I know, Ron.’

‘I have lived with fear, with guilt, with hatred towards myself and for all those who did not even try to understand me.’

‘How could they, Ron, when you didn’t understand yourself?’

‘That is true…’

‘It wasn’t easy, but you did it.’

‘I knew I had to. I wanted to.’

‘Yes, it was time.’

‘Yes, the time was right. My love was right. It killed me to tell and then leave my wife and children though…’

‘I know, but you were being unfair by lying to them too, weren’t you, Ron?’

‘Yes, I was. I realised that.’


‘I am free. I have told everyone the truth. I have come out of the closet. I love you, Dan.’


I saw this prompt as two men walking hand in hand. The feeling of familiarity and intimacy that this picture evokes brought forth this story.Don’t demean what you don’t understand. LGBT people are just as human as you and me are, respect their choices as you would want yours to be. Everyone deserves a right to be happy.


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13 thoughts on “Boys to Men #FridayFotoFiction

  1. Yet again a meaningful and very Beautiful post Mayuri! Love has no boundaries, no barriers and everyone has equal rights to follow their hearts. All they need is little support from us – as a society.

  2. I was going to write about LGBT initially (before reading yours!) but then came up with a different thought. This community for sure deserves more respect. Lovely one Mayuri

  3. loved the emotions you portrayed through the story. It is imperative that the author community embraces LGBT relationships and make them a part of the literary world. You seem to be on the path to do that. 🙂

  4. You painted love so beautifully. The moment I saw the photo prompt I knew I had to write for the community. I feel strongly about LGBT rights. And it angers me know end that in India it’s illegal to be an LGBT.
    I have a few friends who belong to the community and I believe they are far more gentle and loving than most of us. Probably because they have faced the harsh treatment the world has always meted upon them. And they know what it means to love and give back. They are also very creative people.
    I pray that some day the world gives them their dues, respect and love.

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