Be Flawsome! #MayTivation


Flaw – a mark, blemish, or other imperfection which mars a substance or object.That causes something not to be perfect.

We all have flaws. Some acknowledge their flaws while some deny them. Some wish to change their flaws while still others embrace them.

How do you identify your flaws?

I am a neat freak, I love everything organised and in place. However, my friends and family who are not too fond of being organised, see my quality as a flaw. Is it? I would disagree, as I believe in doing things myself and do not force anyone else to do things my way.

I don’t drive. Once again, family and friends see it as a flaw, more so when I used to and hold a valid driver’s licence. I see it as a flaw too, and accept it to be.  

Which is why when someone points out what they imagine to be your flaw, you need to either brush it off, or pay close attention, depending on how much you value the person’s opinion.

If you think the pointed out flaw could be debilitating, like maybe the habit of neglecting your health or spending too much money, and changing it could enhance your life, tweak it.

However, if you think what is being pointed out as a flaw is not a flaw, for instance being a voracious reader and being made to feel guilty about it, embrace it and turn a deaf ear.

If your flaws don’t hold you back, if they are not harming you or those around you. If your flaws are more imagined than real, then it is time to embrace them.

If you don’t accept and embrace your flaws, somebody else will exaggerate them.

You have to realise that you are, or can be, awesome with your flaws. You have to remind yourself that you are Flawsome.

MayTivation - Sirimiri

P:S: Flawsome is a term coined by International Super Model Tyra Banks and I have been in love with this word ever since I heard it first.

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69 thoughts on “Be Flawsome! #MayTivation

  1. What a wonderful idea – flawsome. What you said makes so much sense. This self evaluation is so important – is that flaw really a flaw? And only then should we decide what we have to do with them.

  2. It makes morning all the more brighter when one read such motivating posts, Flawsome awesome 🙂
    I can connect with you on driving – that’s my wish not to learn it’s not that I can’t,when I get Shaffer (better half) driven all around why do I take pain to learn 😉 pun intended!
    Finding flaws in others is very easy but making these flaws look/feel like choices is crucial for happy living.

  3. Love the perspective! Flaws which are, are – if we accept them, then they become a part of us, and people can’t put us down for it! I agree, what is a flaw to another, may not be so to you or me. Beauty lies in the eye of beholder, so does the definition of a flaw 😉

  4. Beautiful…Lovely concept- Flawsome. Its time to categorize them and let go of those which are holding me back. Thanks for linking with #QuotedStories Mayuri and with such a lovely post.

  5. You really do seem to be flawsome Mayuri. I always remember the story of the Old Man and the Donkey. There are always people who see flaws in others and it’s hard to please everybody all the time!

  6. Flawsome I loved the word Mayuri and your thoughts resonate with me. I think end of the day we all know our flaws and what needs to be worked upon. For those that we believe need to stay as is let’s flaunt the flawsome!

  7. “You need to either brush it off or pay close attention, depending on how much you value the person’s opinion.” this is exactly my mantra in life. don’t let everyone’s opinions about you hamper you, and don’t ignore the opinions of your loved ones.

  8. What a lovely post. I am flawed too, in many ways and I have my mom who tells me that thrice a day in most of the things i do and i’m 31!!! But i am okay with being flawed – thats part of my identity!

  9. Lovely read. I really appreciate the way you have portrayed that one should accept the flaws that don’t negatively affect anyone and move ahead. Flawsome- loved the terminology too!!

  10. What a lovely post. I am flawed too, in many ways and I have my mom who tells me that thrice a day in most of the things i do and i’m 31!!! But i am okay with being flawed – that’s part of my identity!

  11. Beautiful thoughts. I echo them as I too believe that is exactly how we should deal with our flaws. I do a lot of introspection and always tend to reflect and work on the areas where I see a scope for improvement. But, I must admit, I do get exasperated with certain people who never seem to find any flaws in themselves and do not care how their actions or traits can at times, get in the way of the others. Frustrating indeed, but little one can do about it!

  12. Wow , flawsome, awesome with flaws , lovely post , yes some people find my blogging a flaw , but I turn deaf that time , yes if that’s a flaw, I m flawsome , I also feel like writing something on this

  13. I love this word too, Mayuri. You shared good examples about how something we consider normal can be perceived as a flaw by others.
    Whether they are healthy or not is for us to decide and work on, for our best. Finally on your blog today! Going to browse around a bit. 🙂

  14. We all have flaws but it’s important to accept them as you said otherwise its easier for others to pin point. I loved the idea of ‘Flawesome’. Agree, we are all awesome with our own flaws. 🙂

  15. What an interesting word .Our flaws make us unique.Whether it’s a gift or a handicap is entirely ones own choice .Loved reading this.

  16. Loved reading. flawsome and be awesome. So important to self-assess and believe in ourselves. Being honest about our flaws and embracing them is really the best way to enjoy life!

  17. I thinks its all about being comfortable in your own skin. It is with the fear of being judged that dislike towards your flaws grows. The more you think about what others think, the more you will not accept yourself. I think the key to happiness is accepting yourself and changing only when you deem it fit.

  18. I think we humans have flaws, which is what makes us. Flaw-less? we can have less flaws but flawless is just a dream. Accepting that we all have flaws is right way to live and move forward!

  19. Full marks for the title Mayuriji – Flawsome. Turn a blind eye to anything that others think is a flaw, but not you. BTW, I remember Monica Geller (from FRIENDS) when you told you’re a neat freak 😛

  20. I agree. Some features are good habits for us but flaws for others. They keep commenting on it to change it or leave it. But if I feel good about my habit I don’t pay attention to them. It is mainly about confidence in you.

  21. I agree, Mayuri. Moreover, one thing people fail to realise is that when they point out our flaws, they have more number of fingers pointing out their own flaws, which they are often oblivious to. The bottom line is that none of us is perfect. And, in our imperfections lie our perfection!

  22. Loved this word – flawsome!
    I agree with you. If someone whose opinion matters says something about your flaws then we must look into it and change it.
    I know that feeling when people consider reading books as a flaw. They think my life is boring!

  23. Scars are beautiful, they tell you stories of love, loss, exposure, experiences, and redemption. Flaws are beautiful. They show that you are human and you are unique in the whole wide world.

    Loved the well-structured layout of your blog and the lucid flow of your thoughts.Subscribed. Shall be back.

  24. I believe that there is no Good or bad in this world its just a perception, same goes with opinions. When someone point out a flaw its their perception and opinion. It doesn’t mean every one should follow it. But now-a-days we are surrounded my people who are very keen in pointing out the so called flaws in other that for a moment they forget they also have flaws in then. After all no one perfect, we all are flawsome in our own unique way! It was a very good read mayuri, thought provoking indeed!

  25. “Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor and it can never be used to hurt you.” – Tyrion Lannister from GOT.

    Since the day I’ve heard this dialogue, everything fell in place.

  26. I have to say, this most is indeed flawsome 😛
    Loved every word written and your message, if your flaws don’t negatively impact just learn to embrace them and most importantly stop denying them!

    Also, I love Tyra Banks. The woman is versatile and how 🙂

  27. Loved the word ‘flawsome’. Its for us to decide if our flaws are harmful or not. I thing it’s good to be know our flaws that way we can focus on other things to excel. No use being a Jack of all trade!

  28. It’s a bit strange, I’m a perfectionist when it comes to writing but I love being imperfect with my flaws and all. Even I have a driver’s license and would love to drive but I had caused a horrible dent in our car some years back and haven’t touched the steering wheel since then. Gotta get over that and drive again.

  29. Flawsome! This is something new to me. A nicely written post, Mayuri. In most ways, my wife would agree to it and I agree to my wife’s agreement that flaws are everywhere. Ignore it, and see the other side of a person.

  30. I love the term ‘Flawsome’ and am happy to be flawed in a fine way 🙂 As long as our flaws are not harming anyone or are figments of others’ imagination, all is well 🙂

  31. You very beautifully described the meaning of flaws. Everyone have one or more flaw. It doesn’t matter. But to accept the flaw with in you is the matter. Great post. Just love the way you penned down this concept.

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