We are all our Autobiographies #MayTivation



When we talk more often than not flattering adjectives are used as self-description.

‘I believe in being kind’ or ‘I am very understanding’ or ‘I am always honest’ or ‘I don’t believe in hurting people’ or ‘I believe in being humble’ and so on and so forth.
Have you ever wondered about how often do your actions match your words? How often do you say what you mean and mean what you say?

If you think about it, we give away what we are when we are the least aware that we are doing so. When we are not alert about making an impression, that is when we are our true selves.

Autobiographies are books that are an account of a person’s life written by that person.We are all our Autobiographies in motion. Without realising it we are writing a fresh page every day, through our words and through our deeds.  So it really doesn’t matter what you say you are or think you are. What matters is what you are.

At various stages of your life we come across different people, some are transient while other walk along with you for a while, and others forever. The ones who know you briefly leave with the impression that you made on them at that time. Whereas the long term relationships see every facet of you as time goes by.

So what impression do the fleeting visitors leave with? What pages have they read, of the Autobiography you are living out every day?

Good, bad, revolting, impressive, boring, manipulative, refreshing? You choose.

Hey, it’s all in YOUR hands, as after all YOU are the pen that is writing YOUR book every day, in every way. Because always remember, you are not what you say you do, you are what you do.

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