I love Tea.

A mug of well-made Tea the first thing in the morning ensures a good day and mine is always well made, because I make it myself! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am a bit finicky about my Tea as I like it a certain way, strong, with a dash of sugar and with just enough milk added to save it from being called Black Tea.

I enjoy making my Tea, as making it is almost a spiritual process for me. Measuring out the water, watching the placid water bubble and froth, adding the tea leaves and then observing the clear water change color as it pauses for a bit before it starts frothing again. Lastly adding the milk to it and watching the mix calming down as it takes on a completely different hue and transforms into Tea.

Wrapped in the gift of silence that waking up early in the morning brings I leisurely sip on my mug of Tea as various thoughts flit in and out of my mind.

When I am faced with a problem making Tea becomes a contemplative procedure. I ruminate over the problem, think how it could be solved and the best way to solve it.

As I think about it all I imagine the inside of my mind to be like that of a cauldron of frothing Tea.

Since my mind is not placid, emotions bubble to the surface, each one fighting the other to make itself felt, till feelings are added to the emotions. When doubts make an appearance thoughts and feelings change color and froth even more. And just when I think all of it is going to spill over I add the wisdom or good advice like I add milk and ย feel my thoughts calm down and come together, coloured differently and beautifully.

Solving a problem is so much like making Tea, isnโ€™t it? Think about it.


I loved Quotes, I think there is so much they say in just a few words. When my friends Rohan & Upasna announced they would be hosting a Quote themed linky part I just couldnโ€™t wait to write for it.

I hope youโ€™ll join in too!

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21 thoughts on “QuoTEAd

  1. I prefer making my tea myself too. Mostly I like it my way with less sugar and less milk. I do not like too much milk in my tea and my hubby likes more milk. So we have to make two separate cups of tea sometimes ๐Ÿ˜€
    BTW, agree with you that life is similar to tea making as we try to make it perfect the same way.

  2. For a minute there I thought I am reading an older post (you had posted something about a tea making ritual earlier too, which I had simply loved) but then checked the date ๐Ÿ˜‰
    I love my morning cup and its a calming ritual for me too- both making it and then savouring it in peace. Its my first one hour to myself ME time.

  3. I love gingery milk tea made just right.Luckily my husband loves that too.Unfortunately to retain good health we have made that a once a week event and concentrated on ginger green tea.My morning and evening has green tea at tea times now.Loved the comparison

  4. Tea making is a very special thing for me too. My day usually starts with my special cup of tea that has to be made just the right way- no sugar, just the right quantity of milk and the flavour perfect enough. My better-half of course is equally fussy about his, so we both ensure that whoever makes the tea just gets the other one’s cuppa right! A great time too to ruminate over our problems and in my case, plan for the day ahead. Loved your post, Mayuri.

  5. I could see and feel the love you have with tea . Every problem has its taste to
    experience and learn new recipe out of it.
    Cheers for TEA to make you QuoTEAd Mayuri

  6. I am amazed to read how beautifully you created a perfect romance with the idea of making tea… i agree even for me Tea works as problem solver most of the times.
    Loved your post..

  7. It’s a philosophical and an intelligent way of looking at problems while making tea. WoW! It’s very insightful and how come I never thought about it. I am much like you as being finicky with tea and very choosy as in whose house I have tea. I am based out of India and in that place, not many people know how to make good tea. I like it strong and take minus mik.

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