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Finding Mr Right




So there I was, happily single, doing all the things I loved, traveling the world, and the perfect age for Auntie’s in the family and neighbourhood to look solemn and remind my parents that they had granted me way too much leeway and freedom of choice. My Parents and family laughed it off, every time. But, as yet another birthday came and went my Dad and Sister decided to change things, and without my knowledge I was enlisted with a Personalized Matrimonial Agency.

Now, I had nothing against finding my spouse ‘Online’. After all times had changed and so had technology, and where else but Online could you peruse an array of guys as you sat at home in your pyjamas, was my logical reasoning. So, no I wasn’t livid that they had registered me, I was livid that it had been done without my knowledge!

Even as I was reeling under this surprise birthday gift from my family, a list of profiles  were mailed to me by the agency, and the 1st one among them was that of a certain Srikrishna Nidigulla (they had misspelt the surname) My father liked his profile a lot, and I didn’t like it one bit! Imagine living with that surname for the rest of my life, I exclaimed! And the guy looked like some villain from some South-Indian film, I screamed!

My father patiently listened to my diatribe and then calmly insisted I meet him. I hemmed, hawed, went on another holiday and happily thought it was all but forgotten till I was given another reminder to get in touch with him, a stern one this time. I realized my Father meant business and I sent across my number to Sri. Who called me up and the first thing he said was, ‘I am looking for a Telugu girl’ How weird is that, I wondered? Hadn’t my profile stated that I was a Punjabi, I asked? Even more put off by this latest twist to the ongoing drama, I lied to Sri that I was down with the flu (I was on the recumbent cycle getting my daily Cardio fix as I conversed with him on the phone) and I thought the matter would rest there. Sri wished me a speedy recovery and suggested that I call him once I was feeling better.

I had decided I wasn’t going to. Apparently not.

My Father thought that I should be graceful enough to return Sri’s call and I did, under duress. And Sri and I made polite conversation and decided to meet up for coffee.

When Sri walked into the restaurant he was wearing this perfectly cut suit which I noticed before I noticed him. His shoes were not scuffed, his hands were manicured and he smelt good. Only after my covert scrutiny had helped me tick all the boxes did I look up to see his face to realize he didn’t look his picture in the profile at all! Nor did he look like a villain, or even ‘South-Indian’, for that matter.

Coffee and conversations flowed over the 2 meetings that we had after our 1st one, during which Sri shared that the ‘I am looking for a Telugu girl’ was a caveat he used, in case he didn’t gel with a girl he met and couldn’t take it forward. I shared the over the top reaction I had when I first saw his profile. And we mutually agreed that humble pie doesn’t taste so bad after all 🙂

Our 4th meeting happened when both our families met. And a month and a half after we first met we were engaged, and married 2 and a half months after the engagement.

Today (29th November) we, Mayuri & Srikrishna Nidigallu, celebrate our 6th Wedding Anniversary and we STILL have people who do not believe how a ‘North-Indian’ and a ‘Madrasi’ could have had an arranged marriage!



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